The Princeton University Film Festival showcases films from up-and-coming student filmmakers attending high school in the United States. The Festival occurs in the fall and features panels composed of keynote speakers in the industry and collaborations with local music groups and restaurants. An event run by Princeton students, PUFF provides the opportunity for high school students to see their work played on a big screen on the Princeton campus and to mingle with professionals in the film industry. Above all, PUFF is a celebration of film and the world constructed by and perceived through our imaginations.

Students must submit their film under one of two categories: short film (for films under 10 minutes) and long film (10+ minutes). Films can be of any genre. A small, dedicated group of Princeton students will review submissions and accept films into the Festival, and then a panel of professionals from the film industry, esteemed faculty from the university, and students will select winners from each category.

This year, our theme is "gilded." Gilded: adj. 1) covered or highlighted with gold or something of a golden color 2) Having a pleasing or showy appearance that conceals something of little worth.
What is your project hiding underneath it’s surface? Is there a deeper meaning to it or does it fall flat when we peel away the surface? Every facet of this event will be based around the idea of being gilded, and we ask that your film follow a similar feel. Though we will be very flexible with this theme with regards to submissions, we ask that you connect to it in your film description when submitting.

For more information, please click here to read our charter:

There are six awards at this event.
1. The Golden Ivy: awarded to a film in each of the categories (short film and long film) based on a vote cast by the festival coordinators, celebrity judges, and Princeton faculty.
2. The Silver Ivy: The runner-up to the Golden Ivy – awarded to a film in each of the above categories (short film and long film) based on a vote cast by the festival coordinators, celebrity judges, and Princeton faculty.
3. The Golden Tiger: Awarded to a film based on popular vote by the audience.

a. Filmmakers submitting to PUFF must be in grades 9-12 and attend high school in the United States at the time of the Festival (November 11, 2017).
b. Films submitted under the "short" category must be under 10 minutes, and films submitted under the "long" category must have a runtime of 10 minutes or over.
c. Short films do not have any world premiere requirements. Films will not forfeit their eligibility if they have been screened on a separate media platform outside of the Festival.
d. The Princeton University Film Festival will only accept films that are completed. No rough cuts or work-in-progress films will be considered.
e. Any film including significant dialogue in a language other than English must provide on-screen English subtitles.
f. It is the responsibility of the applicant alone to secure authorization for any copyrighted or trademarked material. The Princeton University Film Festival will not be held accountable for the inclusion of unauthorized material. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any film that fails to obtain the rights to any copyrighted or third party material. Should any infraction occur, the applicant will defend the Princeton University Film Festival and absolve and indemnify it of any liability.
g. The Princeton University Film Festival is under no obligation to return comments or feedback regarding the film to the applicant, nor the process by which the films were reviewed or information concerning other applicants.

Overall Rating
  • Brendan Hickey

    Really cool festival- awesome to be a part of it. Will be submitting again in the future.

    February 2020
  • Ember Crowley

    You were absolutely amazing and I wish so badly I could have attended. However, I feel so incredibly honored that you chose to screen my film, thank you so much!

    December 2017
  • They were rather excellent in terms of communication. The event was also exceptionally well organized for a first year film festival and i've been to a few of those this year. The industry professionals like Jay Stern were also spectacular people with great presentations. It was a lot of fun

    November 2017