To celebrate the end of 2022. the last Pride Film Fest seeks queer films that celebrate the holidays and the traditions that we treasure, or that drive us crazy! Please submit films of all lengths that queer individuals and families, allies and friends, need to see as the year comes to a close.

Pride Film Fest celebrates the best LGBTQ+ film! We expanded our program to be a year-round film fest, with quarterly short film festivals and feature-length films and documentaries throughout the year. If your queer movie is outside of that parameter, send us an email and, and perhaps we can find a way to help with it!

We are excited that the 24 films selected for the Pride Film Fest - which will stream October 26 to December 11 - feature gender balanced roster of directors.

For the Winter Film Fest, we are focusing on several key areas:
Films with holiday themes.
Films written and/or directed by women
Comedies - everyone needs a happy ending now and then!
Films with non-binary themes and/or creative teams
Films that explore romance and sex, as long as they portray a healthy and positive sexuality
Films with BIOPOC themes and/or creative teams.

Of course, films that do not fall into the areas of interest above will still be accepted. If you don't have a holiday film, perhaps save it for the next cycle for admissions, which will begin on November 1.

We are always looking for new stories that reflect on the many complexities of the queer communities.

The fest is virtual and will be seen in weekly programs.

Our event is virtual, and those selected to be showcased are available for seven consecutive days through our website, which Elevent hosts. There is generally no geo-fencing. If that is necessary for your film, please email us at when you apply.

All works must have characters or themes reflecting the queer communities.

All films entered are subject to an entry fee.

All submitted films without previous screenings in Chicago are eligible for consideration for the PrideArts Film Festival. Short films should not exceed 30 minutes, features or longer documentaries should not exceed 90 minutes.

Applicants submitting films containing significant non-English spoken dialogue must provide on-screen English subtitles.

Submitter bears the sole responsibility to clear all content of work submitted from any potential legal claims, including, without limitation, claims based on libel, defamation, copyright, or trademark infringement. PrideArts disclaims liability for any such actual or potential legal claims. The submitter indemnifies Pride Film Fest from any fees and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, that each of them may incur in connection with such claims.

By submitting a film, you grant Pride Film Fest permission to use film stills, trailers, descriptions, biographies, and other submitted materials for festival promotion and publicity.

The screening committee comprises professional filmmakers, PrideArts artists, and filmmakers recently featured in the festival. Judges screen worldwide, including Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

Pride Film Fest only accepts submissions via

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Overall Rating
  • Michael Horvich

    The PrideArts Film Fest features LGBTQ Community films that are beautifully done, significant, and poignant. They have been doing so for over ten years and made an excellent transition from in-person festivals to weekly streaming events. Highly recommended for others to see the festival and/or to submit entries!

    February 2022
  • We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to screen at this wonderful festival. They were very professional.

    August 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks... so happy to have your work recognized!

  • What a wonderful festival to be part of, and to partake of! Program A presents a solid and varied mix of short very personal films from around the world. My favorites in Program A are the German film MALL, which calls up my own memories of playing with dolls in secret; and GOD'S DAUGHTER DANCES, from the Republic of Korea, which follows an extraordinary character and follows her in the must mundane of places: a military recruitment testing site. The acting is first rate, personal; with a button that put a smile on my face.

    July 2021
  • Each Other

    I wasn't able to personally make it but one of our producers went and said they had a wonderful time!

    April 2018
  • shelley thompson

    I couldn't attend, but was delighted with the communication and the apparent response to my film.

    January 2018