Pride Film Fest showcases the breadth of world LGBTQ film, including programs of shorts, mid-length films, and features that express the variety and complexity of queer life across the globe. In addition to traditional queer films, we enjoy works that explore gender and sexuality from all points of view, including drag. Our programs include narratives, documentaries, music and dance videos, and animations.

We are pleased that submissions in the last year have been gender-balanced. We are happy to see nonbinary, trans, or drag films submitted. Films made by BIPOC are encouraged. We appreciate films that explore romance and sex as long as they portray healthy and positive sexuality.

Finally, we encourage the submission of films that defy categorization and break all rules. All works must have characters or themes reflecting the queer communities.

Selected films are named BEST OF THE PRIDE FILM FEST. We group films 20 minutes or less into the shorts program. We define mid-length films as 20 to 50 minutes, with films 60 minutes or longer considered features. Films longer than 90 minutes can be submitted but are rarely selected.

Our mission is to get film submissions showcased in our streaming fest quickly. If your film is selected, you can choose to have your movie showcased on our website this summer Each program streams for 11 days. You can find what is currently streaming at

At year's end, ten films with the highest scores are invited to be featured in our BEST OF 2023 program.

Programs are $12 each, with $7 tickets for members.

There is generally no geo-fencing. If that is necessary for your film, please email us at when you apply.

On occasion we are asked share collaborate with other film festivals, and share programs. We will be in touch with you before we share your film.

Selected films are BEST OF THE FEST and are offered the chance to be showcased in our streaming fest.

At year's end, ten top-scoring shorts streamed in our fest are named BEST OF THE FEST 2023.

All films entered are subject to an entry fee.

All submitted films without previous screenings in Chicago are eligible for consideration for the Pride Film Festival. We generally categorize shorts as 20 minutes or less, midlength at 60 minutes or less, and features as 90 minutes or less. We prefer features that are 90 minutes or less but will consider films up to 120 minutes in length.

Applicants submitting films containing significant non-English spoken dialogue must provide on-screen English subtitles.

Submitter bears the sole responsibility to clear all content of work submitted from any potential legal claims, including, without limitation, claims based on libel, defamation, copyright, or trademark infringement. PrideArts disclaims liability for any such actual or potential legal claims. The submitter indemnifies Pride Film Fest from any fees and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, that each of them may incur in connection with such claims.

By submitting a film, you grant Pride Film Fest permission to use film stills, trailers, descriptions, biographies, and other materials for festival promotion and publicity.

The screening committee comprises professional filmmakers, PrideArts artists, and filmmakers recently featured in the festival. Judges screen worldwide, including in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

Pride Film Fest only accepts submissions via

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Overall Rating
  • A nice festival for LGBTQ+ film exposure. I enjoyed seeing other festival entries, and it was an honor to be included.

    May 2023
  • Felicia Brown

    Great festival that provided an opportunity for our film to be viewed world-wide! I love how they provided newsletters and the set up of the actual festival as it was a beautiful showing of really creative and dynamic films. I would say that having more of an IG presence would help filmmakers for marketing purposes, but overall such a positive experience! Thank you Pride Film Fest for showcasing LGBTQIA+ films all year long!

    May 2023
  • Amanda Madden

    I enjoyed the other films in the program my film played in and was grateful to be screened alongside them. There was good communication with the festival.

    May 2023
  • Fred Paul Bailey

    It was an honor for "Neighborhood Stranger" to be included in the Best of the Fest streaming program. Communications with David Zak was clear and concise. Looking forward to more in the future!

    April 2023
  • Melahn Atkinson

    Thank you Pride Film Fest for including our music video, We're Here in your online screening of your Award Winning Shorts. We had a great time enjoying all the films!

    April 2023
    Response from festival:

    Great. I hope your film gets widely seen!