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Logline: Murders cope with Zombie Acopalypse. What is it like? What do we do? Or expect....

Runaway teens raise children, confronting displacement, restlessness, & loss.


Detectives Reynolds & Fucito chase Ben, Darren, & Jay through several states. It's because they're turning, just like the others- motives frozen in time...

Rene's account, with homeless friends Dez & Lyra, and their children.

Chased through the University District, finally setting up a stand in a half-finished high rise. Prescience follows the Gothic horror story The Barbed Serpent's Tale, families escaping apocalyptic pandemic.


  • Warren Galpin
  • Fern Ryan
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Treatment
  • Genres:
    Horror, Apocalyptic Horror, Gothic Horror
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Fall 2023 Austin After Dark Film Festival
    Austin, Texas
    October 26, 2023
    Finalist, Best Feature-length Horror Screenplay
Writer Biography - Warren Galpin, Fern Ryan

Other Works by Warren Galpin

Fremont by Warren Galpin (Copyright 2018) April 2011

Fremont collects the memories of an age. Life is still precious and free license and abandonment are found. It is written from an outsider’s point of view. Civilians wait for rooftop rescues, hoarding family memorabilia.

Fremont is a small city outside San Francisco. It has meaning in the modern age for ideas toward solving the burgeoning criminal justice and law enforcement systems, and disbanding and ill-conceived and unworkable legal framework. Prisons are overly used for population management, not an original function and unjust for application in criminal law. With the politically uninvolved, partnerships demonstrate the expediency of unlikely cause, turning the political franchise back on the rebel, isolating outsiders.

Rock Candy by Warren Galpin (illustrated comic) (Copyright 2023) (200 pgs) 2012

Rock Candy follows an ex-con and his girlfriend as they try to elude police and dangerous associates through Seattle and its surrounding environs. The couple relate in a beautiful and challenging city, surrounded by wilderness. Dez and Lira are the main characters, both in transition, avoiding conviction and checking in with parole. They eventually escape, only to run into the criminal element they were trying to avoid and barely escaping certain trouble. Lira is afraid she must join in the combat, deathly afraid of mortal threat.

The Offshore Account by Warren Galpin (Copyright 2023) (265 pgs)

The Offshore Account picks up from Rock Candy, following the main characters through homesteading and childrearing as strangers evading police and landholders, and their struggles in the Tamaracks juxtaposed against social property constructs, relieved by their own nativity in the Pacific Northwest, with their own and their friends’ triumphs, including release from prison, and challenges confronting law enforcement while caring for their own young children.

Accretion by W. Galpin (Copyright 2023)

Many of the cast members in Rock Candy and The Offshore Account are described in Accretion, the characters wrestling in a world covered in ice and darkness, experiencing otherworldly effects, including magnetism, astral projection, and disasters affecting the earth’s rotation and tides.

The Barbed Serpent's Tale by Warren Galpin (Copyright 2023)

Adult characters experience isolation and disorientation, with exposure to insomnia, terror, and desperation while vivisectionists attempt neural connectivity in captive Zombies. Patients are phobic about being mauled by Zombies caused by rampant infection.
Patients are insistent and impatient, begging for progress- fatalistic, unwilling to cooperate with treatment regimen or suffering complications or failure. Dez and Lira caught Ben’s infection, not only speaking for myself, but for doppelgangers who may or may not be infected.

Prescience by Warren Galpin (Copyright 2023)

Direct Sequel to Accretion, Present Day
Continuation of Fremont apocalyptic disease/zombie gothic horror saga. Murders cope with Zombie Acopalypse. What is it like? What do we do? Or expect....

Runaway teens raise children, confronting displacement, restlessness, & loss.


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People are not all bad- good and evil-
that's in the eye of the beholder, too...

You're wrong...

Evil is trapped in a pale world-
there is spontaneous life... just less of it-