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The memory of an attempted abuse pops up again in Demetra’s mind, a young and talented pianist but with a mediocre career. The face of that awful man, his violence and attempt to hurt her has been buried in Demetra’s subconscious for many years, and now this memory haunts her. Insomnia, panic attacks and shaking hands become an issue: Demetra can no longer perform the piano. Her old time friend and psychiatrist, Riccardo, comforts her and convinces her to undergo a new treatment in which he’s specializing his current studies and researches. Thanks to a substance Demetra is pushed into a lucid sleep, in this state of conscious she will be able to access her traumatic memory. Reliving the images and feelings of her teen-self, will put her on the road to overcome the pain and the fear linked to that precise recollection. During the therapy process Demetra is willingly risking her health: memory is a dangerous and fragile box to open and deal with. But this process through different pieces of the past will give Demetra the prospective to face the trauma, her past and to redefine her relationship with her music and feelings.

  • Isotta Paccanelli
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    Screenplay, Short Script
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Writer Biography - Isotta Paccanelli

Born in Bergamo on the 17th of September 1993.
Since she was a little girl, she’s been over hanged by stories. Her very numerous family it’s a huge case of chatty narrators, anecdotes and legends. She grows up with the need of carrying on this tradition, choosing the cinematic narrative. She’s fascinated by relationships, by people personalities, how past and present intertwine and how times is able to mutate these elements of life. She has been interlacing stories for as long as she remembers, playing with tones and genres, having a great interest for emotions and for a little spark of magic that she believes flows in everyone’s lifetime and that it’s part of her view of the world.

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