Predators: Hunting Grounds

A Group of Elite Humans specialising from the Military, Criminal Underworld to Serial Killers are abducted from various parts & conflicts of earth & transported to the 'Super-Predator' Clans Game Reserve Planet. Upon arrival the group of Humans almost kill each other, before teaming up & with no idea where they are go off in search for some answers. But, soon discover that the terrain is made up of Woodlands, Jungles, Forest & Mountainous Sectors & soon come under attack from a pack of Hellhounds unleashed by the Super-Predators to test the Humans abilities. After surviving the attack, the Humans decide to go on the offensive & track down those who attacked them & arrive at a Camp, only to discover a strange creature impaled & on display. after ambushing the Super-Predators, the group of Humans discover these supreme beings at a cost & go on the run in order to survive, soon finding another Human on the Planet who explains what these Super-Predators are & what & who they hunt for sport. The Group must work together in order to survive or become the Trophies of one of the Yautja's most fearsome Clan's

  • Michael John Chase
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Michael John Chase

I have been writing for the past 5 years, am self-taught during Full-Time Employment I was writing Part-Time under an online Mentorship, until the Covid Lockdowns, I was unfairly dismissed from Work & was able to focus all my time & attention from what was a Hobby turned into my passion, which I spend more time perfecting each Project. I work with various Genres from my own very Projects to Military, Action, Drama, Thrillers, Paranormal Horror, Survival Horror, Video Game, Remakes & Reboots, working on the Comedy aspect, Re-Imaginations & Manga/Anime Projects.

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Writer Statement

Continuation of the Franchise: A Reimagination with a story leading to a Sequel, explaining how the survivors are rewarded for their survival & battle against one of the most dominating Predator Clans, the Super-Predators who whilst off-planet can Hunt, Stalk & kill their own kind. This Script explains how the Humans are abducted & placed upon the Game Reserve Planet, to finding the background behind the Planet & those hunting them. To being transported from the Game Reserve Planet to Yautja Prime itself, under strict instructions from Lord-Predator itself, who is taking a keen interest in the selected Humans who have managed to kill its kind.