Predator: The 'Djinn'

During a Re-Supply Mission in Afghanistan a United States Private Military Contractor called Tyler Swain & his Team of Contractors are attacked by a Lone Yautja, that has been dubbed 'The Djinn' by the local populace. Leaving Tyler as the sole survivor after he cowardly hid from it. Upon being rescued by a Chinese Special Forces Team operating nearby, Tyler is taken to a nearby Military Base Hospital. Upon his recovery is found by Multi-Millionaire Jaya Soames who recruits him to join her Special Operations Team called. The ‘Hunters’ , once arriving at her Private Island located in the Indian Ocean, Tyler meets the other Personnel that have been in contact or affected by the 'Djinn' & decides to join the Team of Mercenaries. After gathering enough Intelligence the 'Hunters' go back to Afghanistan to track down the 'Djinn'. Where they learn the 'Djinn' has been in Afghanistan ever since the Soviet-Union invaded & soon learn there is more to the myth of this Ancient Demon roaming the Graveyard of Empires whilst avoiding a Private US Government Organisation searching for the 'Djinn' for Military Purposes, which team will find it first?

  • Michael John Chase
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Michael John Chase

I have been writing for the past 5 years, am self-taught during Full-Time Employment I was writing Part-Time under an online Mentorship, until the Covid Lockdowns, I was unfairly dismissed from Work & was able to focus all my time & attention from what was a Hobby turned into my passion, which I spend more time perfecting each Project. I work with various Genres from my own very Projects to Military, Action, Drama, Thrillers, Paranormal Horror, Survival Horror, Video Game, Remakes & Reboots, working on the Comedy aspect, Re-Imaginations & Manga/Anime Projects.

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Continuation of the Franchise - An Origin Story of the 'Djinn' Predator & how it came to hunt in Afghanistan in the 1970's, defending the Afghan People against the Soviet-Union, to hunting the Taliban & War-Lords, to the ISAF Forces. during the year of 2009 a Mercenary team is attacked leaving a sole Survivor, who joins a Team called the 'Hunters'. Who's sole mission is to Hunt & kill the 'Djinn'. leading to unforeseen consequences & Courage.