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Power Creation

Rudd has been living secretly with her demonic energy among the people of Fideem for twenty years. When the great Satan emerges in the sacrifice ceremony, Rudd's secret reveals and she runs away from Fideem to save herself. After a lot of efforts, Rudd finds the only solution to kill the great Satan. So she enters to an unpredictable war to face with the great Satan of the world.

  • Maedeh Abbasi
    Maedeh Abbasi
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    Iran, Islamic Republic of
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Writer Biography - Maedeh Abbasi

Maedeh Abbasi Mozhdehi
6th June 2001 Iran
Studying Nursing at Rasht Azad University
Power Creation is my first script.

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I write from deep inside . There's a fact about all of us, all of us are jodged while judging others too, whatever right or wrong. When I saw the people around me , that they fight with all difficulties despite their negative thoughts and win, I wrote a story spontaneously. A story about a girl who is struggling with the great devil despite her own great demonic energy.