We believe there is a lot of talent in Houston and we want to produce a film festival where teams can showcase their talent and inspire new artists to create new content.

For our third festival on February 28 at 9:30 pm at 1230 Houston Ave, we have 2 hours to fill with film--submit your work and see it on the big screen!

We are looking for short films up to 10 minutes long and with a theme related to the season: think Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Groundhog Day, National Margarita Day (what! YES!), etc. Go with what inspires you.

We will be reaching out to local breweries to sponsor the event to have free beer in house, and we will hold an after-event gathering at a local bar for filmmakers to socialize and discuss.

​We will have free beer, as always! And all audience members and filmmakers are invited across the street to R Bar after the show for drink specials!

We will need the film format to be H.264 and shared with us via Google Dropbox, Drive, or email. Please submit via messenger or to info@powderkeg-productions.com by midnight on Sunday February 22, 2019. Lineup will be announced on February 23.

Festival will take place Friday, February 28, 2020 at 9:30pm 1230 Station Ave. Tickets will be $10

Can’t wait to see what you guys create!

All participating films will get a digital copy of a promotional poster—complete with the “Official Selection” laurel leaves—as take home a physical copy of their poster from the event.

No entry fee. All entries will be evaluated after the February 22 deadline and entrants will be notified via email on February 23. Festival directors will use selected films' production company names, movie titles, screenshots, and potentially brief clips to promote the festival in social media posts, movie posters, and festival trailers.