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Post Work (Kill the Ego)

Stuck in his tiresome nine to five job, Ray lives between a rock and hard place struggling to keep up with his own life due to his parent's staggering medical bills yet he's overlooked for a promotion by his loathsome boss, Chancellor. It seems everyone finds him invisible as they sing happy birthday to a coworker, Nancy the cat lady, but not him. The only individual to show him any compassion is Marisol, his sole outlet to his stressful circumstance. After venting to Marisol about what he deserves, she gives him perspective on how a little attitude adjustment could make all the difference. Unamused with the idea, he decides to be content with his less than ideal life. Things take an interesting turn when Chancellor is discretely held at gunpoint by the company's top executive, John, in an office after confronting him about suspicious company account activity.

After taking a sex break with Marisol in the late hours of the empty office, Ray hears a curious sound coming from John’s office. They investigate; walking into an unnerving situation of Chancellor covered in blood, tied to a chair while John remains unbothered. Much to Ray’s surprise, rather than being killed, John propositions him to finally move up the company ranks by killing Chancellor. Bent by the strong influences of John, Ray is ready to make the daunting commitment to murder his boss until Chancellor finally reveals to Ray why he’s been hard on him all these years. Now motivated, Ray takes things into his own hands by overcoming John and escaping with Marisol and Chancellor. They carry a wounded Chancellor out of the building to what they believe is safety…

  • Anthony King
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script
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    United States
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Former athlete turned screenwriter, imagine that. More than an athlete.

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Looking to add moral value to the world via my creative craft.