The Port Harcourt International Film Festival, is a festival that will hold in the garden city of Nigeria Port Harcourt in Rivers state. it will help to rediscover and promote our culture and heritage as a people, then bring together a community of creative leaders from around the world. it will enhance the world's cultural and artistic varieties through films. It intends to discover and promote new talents

Birthed in 2022, we are committed to bringing an educational touch to the festival through movie screening, sciences, exhibitions, tours, skill acquisitions and interactive sessions. Do you have a film that will motivate people in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. A film that protects our culture and heritage, solves societal and environmental issues. if your response is yes The Port Harcourt International Film Festival (PIFF) is your festival.

We believe that films are powerful tools and medium that can create positive change to The world by empowering young creative as we also aim to ignite a new generation of creative leaders and film makers offering our audience a space to meet and exchange around the universal themes and tales, legend and the yories that bring us together. PIFF is aimed at protecting our culture, heritage and people to the world through the entertainment industry. It is aimed at providing environmental, cultural, societal and scientific exhibitions to the adversaries that explores the diversity of our experiences on planet earth.

Best English film
Best non-English film
Best online film
Best international film
Best feature length film
Best short film
Best indigenous film
Best director
Best female actor
Best male actor
Best kid actor
best subtitle
Best cinematographer
Best costume
Best make-up
Best documentary
Best animation

The festival committee reserves the right to exclude films which does not conform with the aims of the festival or which will offend the national feelings and susceptibilities of any participating country or are likely to promote racial discrimination. Films not presenting sufficient technical qualities for good public screening can also be refused.