Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the best and boldest comedy has to offer by showcasing comedic writing, directing, sketch, improv, shorts, and feature films from all over the world. 🌎🌍🌏

Poor Life Choices Productions is proud to donate 100% of its ticket sales to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Our content may be for adults, but our intent is to help give children and their families the needed specialized medical care that only Children’s Hospital can provide. Tickets on FilmFreeway.com include three days of online screenings plus Awards Show.

Please join us for a festival of laughs and we look forward to this year's submissions!

Thank you !
The Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival Team

Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival Categories & Awards

Domestic and International "Best" awards for all categories. "Best Duo", "Best Ensemble", "Exceptional Filmmaking", “Truth in Comedy Award” for best grounded comedy. “Alternative-Alternative Award” for positive representation of alternative lifestyles. "The Poorest Life Choice Award", Short & Feature to the projects that best represent the spirit of the Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival.

Action-Comedy Short Film * New for 2022
Action-Comedy Feature Film * New for 2022
Classic Comedy Short Film
Classic Comedy Feature Film
Dark/Blue Comedy Short Film
Dark/Blue Comedy Feature Film
Horror-Comedy Short Film
Horror-Comedy Feature Film
Mockumentary Short Film
Mockumentary Feature Film
Rom-Com Short Film
Rom-Com Feature
Stoner/Cannabis Comedy Short Film
Stoner/Cannabis Comedy Feature Film
Comedy Web Series
Comedy Sketch
Improv Comedy
Specialty Awards
Best Alternative-Alternative Comedy Award
Best Ensemble Award
Truth in Comedy Award
Poorest Life Choice Award Short
Poorest Life Choice Award Feature

Thank you for submitting! Our rules are simple. 1. You must have the right to screen the project publicly. 2.) You must have a digital online submission available. 3.) You give the festival the right to use artwork, stills, and clips from your project for marketing and promotion. 4.) Projects must be in English or subtitled in English. Questions? Contact PoorLifeChoicesComedyFilmFest@Gmail.com

Overall Rating
  • Vincenzo Carubia

    Brian Is so passionate and dedicated to the craft. Its always a pleasure being a part of his world. I wish him the best in future festival endeavors!!

    April 2021
  • Kristin West

    Excellent festival. Friendly, responsive organizers!

    April 2021
  • Loved being a part of this! Communication was clear and pleasant and I had a blast watching some of the other projects. They also managed to pull off an entertaining online awards show which is truly a feat in and of itself. Tons of fun all around!

    April 2021
  • The Union cast, crew, and myself, would like to thank the "Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival" for having our featurette: "The Devil's Tail" being a part of the 2021 lineup. They are a rarity in festivals for their charity focus. Having a multitude of breakdown categories for the many non standard formula comedies: bird gets fish, bird looses fish, another bird gets that fish; that bird dies from mercury poisoning, first bird is saved, pays it forward turning vegan- thus saving the oceans. Happy endings. With prompt feedback and questions answered, this festival is Shirley recommended.

    April 2021
  • Poor Life Choices comedy is truly a great film festival. Organization and communication are very good. I really enjoyed watching all the films selected by the festival, and quite a number of them were extremely good in my opinion.

    April 2021