Ponente International Film Festival is pleased to announce - as part of the XVI edition - the "Liguria in Short" competition aimed at young and old film makers with the intention of bringing out and enhancing young (and old) talents, who are interested in undertaking a professional and artistic journey in the world of cinema.
The competition has as an additional aim the valorization of particular landscapes, monuments and "locations" in general of the Liguria region (at least for this first edition, with enlargement in the future to the whole national territory and more) in order to create a greater interest and curiosity in the viewer to visit perhaps little known places where the film stories must be set (all over the world, in the future editions).
All this in view of the development of a cinema which is now very much supported by various bodies and institutions in the various regions (and not only) of Italy, .
The themes are therefore linked to the territory, or to the ecological/environmental field and the stories that we will see on the Big Screen can be conceived as mini-documentaries, or tell stories of adventure, espionage, thrillers, intimists, sentimentals and so on (please NOT horror films! Thank you).
The event will also host important guests, and organize conferences and lectures on various subjects with professionals.

Best Short Live Action (Drama and Documentary) Award - 700,00 € and commemorative plaque
Best Short Animation Award - 700,00 € and commemorative plaque
Short Animation Award 2^ classified 500,00 € and commemorative plaque
Short Prize in Live Action 2^ classified 500,00 € and commemorative plaque
Prize Short of Animation 3^ classified 300,00 € and commemorative plaque
Short Prize in Live Action 3^ classified 300,00 € and commemorative plaque

Best Animation Short Prize offered by Genoa Liguria Film Commission
Best Documentary: Prize offered by Genoa Liguria Film Commission
Best Short Fiction(Live Action): Prize offered by Genoa Liguria Film Commission

Best Animation Short Prize offered by the Organizing Committee
Best Documentary: Prize offered by the Organizing Committee
Best Short Fiction(Live Action): Prize offered by the Organizing Committee

Some other prizes will be offered by sponsors

The Competition is addressed to authors and directors who on 31 December 2021 have reached the age of 18 years and have not yet reached the age of 99 years and 6 months.
Original works, films or videos edited and unpublished (if in foreign language subtitles in Italian are required) are eligible for the competition.
The original means that the work belongs to the Competitor. That is:
· The works must be the exclusive property of the competitor and must not have already been sold to third parties.
· In any event, competitors are themselves responsible for protecting the authorship of the works submitted. It is the responsibility of the authors or others who present the film to ensure that they are legitimately authorized to enter the film in the Competition.
In case of dispute, the Organizers and all promoters, sponsors and partners involved in the Competition can not be called in any way.

The competition is open to all and consists of two categories:
Short films made after 30 September 2020 and lasting up to 15 minutes (including credits) may take part in the competition in the two categories
Participation in the Competition is free of charge.
Entries are allowed from 7 July 2022 until the deadline of Monday 7 November 2022.
A late deadline and an extended deadline are also considered (see below)

a. Each author may participate with only one work.
b. The works must be sent no later than midnight (00.00) on Monday 7 November
2022 (please see late deadline and extended deadline in the boxes below).
c. Send mode: you can send a Link or File in h264-Mov digital format in high
definition or MP4
d. the material, provided it is accompanied by all documentation required,must be
sent at this address: liguriaincorto@libero.it
e. The material to be sent is as follows:
· the film;
· 3 digital photos related to the film (JPG format, 200dpi resolution) for which it is
intended to be authorized and free of charge for publication for promotional
· a synopsis of the film, in Italian, of no more than 250 words;
a CV or resumé of the author's experience in movie-making

The jury's judgment is unquestionable. The material sent or delivered will remain the property of the organization of the Festival, which may use the images only for informative and informative purposes but not for profit.
Travel and accomodation expenses of the authors (or those who wish to attend the Festival evenings) will be met by the participants, who will be able to avail themselves of special agreements and facilities which will be communicated in due time.

Registration and participation in the Competition shall imply full acceptance of these rules in all their points. The Competition Management shall have the right to settle all cases not provided for in these Rules