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After the disappearance of his sister, a young man must uncover the horrific truth behind a popular arcade game.

  • Simon Blackburn
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    Horror, Sci-Fi, Action
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Simon Blackburn

Simon Blackburn is a young and passionate screenwriter out of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Having grown up through the amateur dramatics circuit, performing musicals such as Oliver and Bugsy Malone, Simon became enamoured with the silver screen. He went on to discover a passion for screenwriting and completing a bachelors degree in Screenwriting and Acting for film at the University of Chichester. After deciding to move to London, he successfully completed a Master's Degree in Screenwriting at the University of London - Birkbeck. Throughout his screenwriting education, he has been able to successfully navigate multiple different genres, but continues to learn, understand and appreciate more and more of the filmmaking process.

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Writer Statement

This script is my most passionate and, so far, my favourite of all the scripts I have written. I had such a fun time writing and conceiving the ideas that would inevitably come to this conclusion. I wear my influences on my sleeve a lot of the time, and nothing is more apparent than here. Carpenter, Craven, Cronenberg, Romero and Raimi all inspired me on this story and the horrors within.