B150 Blackall Celebrates presents POETRY & PICS, a short film competition inspired by the poem 'Moments, Mates & Memories' by Marco Gliori

Your film can be dramatic, funny, animated, experimental. You could create a music video or a movie trailer. It is open to interpretation, it just can't be longer than 3 minutes. Be creative!

Submission deadline is Friday 17th August 2018 exclusively through FilmFreeway. All films will be reviewed with finalists announced on Sunday 26th August 2018.

Finalist films will be screened at the Poetry Breakfast with Marco & Muz at Blackall's Memorial Hall on Saturday 1st September 2018 with judges selecting the best films for each category and associated prizes.

Best of all entry to the competition is FREE!

Please email poetryandpicsfilmcomp@gmail.com to get your copy of Marco Gliori's poem or for any other enquiries

This competition is made possible with the help of the Heartland Festival committee & Blackall Tambo Regional Council

Is this your first time making a movie? Why not use your smartphone?

1. Download These Mobile Filmmaking Applications:
Using an application to help you out in your mobile filmmaking efforts is a wise move and you don’t have to pay a premium for most of them either! With a plethora of different filmmaking and editing apps out on the various stores, you can easily give your film a more professional edge. Here are just a few I would recommend:

SPARK: Easy Filmmaking App – This handy little app allows you to shoot your Short Film in segments and then apply filters. Although you can’t switch around the order of the scenes, as long as you decide on the story beforehand this app has a beautiful interface and makes filmmaking a real breeze.

Horizon: Filmmaking Tool (to banish Vertical Video and Slow Down time!) – If you hate vertical video and struggle to hold a tablet Landscape, then go ahead and get this app. It allows you to basically hold the device vertically and enjoy the results of a horizontal video. Plus this app allows you to slow your films down, making for some great added editing opportunities.

2. Control Your Mobile Filmmaking Environment:
This is a part of filmmaking that should be seriously considered when making films with an iPhone or iPad.
While your devices recording potential is amazing, they are by no means equipped to deal with the noise of the outside world. In fact, wind noise is a huge issue for most camcorders! And unless you have the budget for high quality recording devices, it is advisable to keep your narrative indoors and focus on capturing the best sound quality you possibly can.

3. Edit Your Short Film
While there are options out there on the app store such as iMovie, which allow for on-the-fly movie editing. I would seriously recommend using desktop editing software such as Final Cut for Mac and Movie Maker for windows. You can download a trial version which should give you at least 7 days access, which if you're organised, can be enough to completely edit and save your movie.