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Pocketful of Mondays

A highly sensitive woman living above her adopted parent's appliance store has her life turned upside down when she learns the two children she was told were stillborn may still be alive and that her recurring childhood nightmare of aliens landing in her backyard and abducting her parents may have some truth to it.

  • Lindsey Morrison Grant
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    Sci-Fi, Family, Diversity, Action/Adventure
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Lindsey Morrison Grant

The Writer self-identifies as a neurodivergent, two-spirit, elder storyteller and contrarian deeply rooted in the roar and lore that's become Portlandia of The Left Coast.

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Writer Statement

Storytelling is culture. Cine-storytelling is a powerful tool to influence the cultural narrative. I have been struck lately by the enormity of this power and have found that even in a SciFi/Action-Adventure format poignant topics can be broached that impact us all. Here, with less intent and more delight, this fanciful story of Family is able to address hypocrisy, inclusion, immigration, "other-ism" as well as the stigma of mental illness and gun violence... without beating a drum or anyone over the head with a Woke-stick.