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Please Don’t Touch

In the last 6 months I have had in excess of 50 unwanted, quite threatening, sexual advances by men. With other men having to jump in to protect me on a few occasions.

Please Don’t Touch is a short film script partially based on my experiences and is intended to address the fact that ordinary females get sexually harassed and assaulted everyday, whilst they are simply out and about, regardless of how they are dressed. It also shows that there seems to be no concept of personal space anymore. This story focuses on Ali, your average 16/17 year old, who has discovered that she can’t even walk around her local town centre or train station without someone forcing themselves upon her. Then when she finally manages to get rid of the unwanted attention, her pursuers ‘find’ Ali on social media and so Ali is harassed all over again.

  • Charlotte Wallis
    First Flush
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    Student, Short Script
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Charlotte Wallis

Charlotte Wallis is 17 years old and currently studying for her A levels in Drama, English Literature and History.

In 2016 she was selected to take part in British Film Institute’s (BFI) Regional Skills Academy. Her weeks spent with the BFI reaffirmed her love of film and desire to create. At its conclusion she was advised, by one of the course leaders, to apply for a National BFI Academy. In 2018 She was extremely lucky to be selected for the residential screenwriting academy. Her script “First Flush” received a professional reading and Charlotte was selected by the BFI as one of 22 young British Screenwriters to watch. Charlotte is a member of Women in Film and TV and the Royal Television Society.

Charlotte also acts and in the summer of 2018 She was selected for a part in National Youth Film Academy film “Grab the Bag” and has since completed a further 4 short films. For the theatre charlotte performed at the National Theatre, London in 2018 and in Jerusalem in 2019.

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