Planetarium Green Film Festival is the international green film festival in Belarus that takes place in Minsk. The Festival brings together filmmakers, green artists, activists, designers, photographers and ecologically aware audience. It offers evening screenings, meetings with filmmakers and environmental experts, discussions, eco-fair and educational workshops. Our team is passionate about cinema and we think that cinema is a great vehicle of transformation, as a promoter towards environmental conservation.

# Each work must have a subtitle file attached separately. The subtitles must be in English and in SRT or SUB format.

# Organizers of the festival are not entitled without notice of authors and copyright holders to use the received materials in their entirety. By submitting an application, you consent to the storage of movies in the internal archive of Planetarium film festival and the non-commercial use of film fragments and individual frames for publicity purposes, as well as in publications

# There is no limit on how many works one participant can send.

# The participant that sends application must guarantee observance of copyright on the works sent. All responsibility for copyright observance lies on the contestant.

# Participation in the festival does not entail material compensation and registration fees.

# Admission of works thereafter is carried out only by agreement with the organizers of the festival.

# You can also submit your film via the form

# If you have any difficulties in filling in the online form, please write to