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  • Matthew Corones
  • Date Taken:
    April 7, 2022
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Student Project:
    Yes - University of Colorado at Boulder
Artist Biography

Matt Corones is a visual artist with interests in applied color theory, surrealistic storytelling experiences and creative use of technological imaging solutions. He works with hyperspectral sculpture, painting, photography and video. His art practice uses colored lights, optically responsive materials and multispectrum cameras that respond to photonics in unique ways. Matt’s work employs high resolution image clarity and transparency blending in a collage style technique. Through surrealistic cinematography, magic realism and computer vision his artworks aim to show the world through new visions. This approach to art making is aimed at using scientific imaging processes creatively. The fusion of these ideas makes visually appealing experiences that are eye catching and intellectually engaging.

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Artist Statement

Matt Corones: Artist Statement
“I am interested in making music videos that are an alchemy of light reactive modern materials, hyper digital creations and techno science fiction story telling. My work employs a synthesis of surrealism combined with technologically interwoven media. I work with dichroic film, fluorescent paint, multispectrum concert lights, and chromatically reflective surfaces. The videos are a culmination of a sociology of colorful characters that interact in prismatic and dynamic cohesiveness ”
My art acts at the intersection of painting, sculpture and video. I work with painting and sculpture to create characters that are photographed and incorporated into computer animation. My current art is focused around making abstract aesthetically beautiful movies of nonlinear science fiction music video animations. My interests are in the collaging of image transparency, high definition video 8K resolution, computer vision, experimental technology narratives, hyperspectral imaging and advanced digital imaging systems that challenge the limits of human vision. My art production works through the philosophy of arts interaction with scientific and creative visualization tools.
I draw inspiration from magic realism and abstract surrealism. My work focuses on the overlay of fantasy on reality while making dream-like associations through digital visual collage. This process produces a visual sociology of techniques that fuse digital image processing and captured photography/video. An example of my unique lenswork is the “Fly vision” digital optical overlay that explores how a bug would see the world through an array of spherical lenses. This technique is related to how a cubist video filter

operates in a fashion similar to cubist photography. The result of my creative process has produced music videos that push the limits of digital creation visually and technologically. The Aqua Night Music Video ‘LightWave’ demonstrates my implementation of science fiction processes and can be seen here: