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Placement of the Golden Sun

After passing the man of her dreams on a daily basis, Kira's
imagination engulfs her reality, causing anxiety to overtake her
better judgment. Creating unrealistic expectations of this
stranger, Kira only distances herself even further from ever
meeting her theoretical soul mate.

Parallel in time, Kira's love interest, Sash, reveals his similar, secret infatuation with her. Also escaping from reality, Sash struggles with the notion to confront Kira, or remain safe from the pain of rejection.

With both of their unsympathetic friends holding them back, it's
an unlikely ending when Kira and Sash finally muster up the
courage to eventually meet, resulting in a long lasting
relationship that's destine to end in overwhelming tragedy.

  • Chad Eddy
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  • Genres:
    Drama, Romance
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography - Chad Eddy

Chad Eddy began his long time love affair his sophomore year of high school, buying some old 8mm equipment and a vintage Nikon film camera. While getting his Associates degree in Mass Media, he spend all his spare time shooting short films with his friends.

Wanting to further his knowledge. Chad ventured to Ohio University to study a Bachelors in Theater. After dabbling in Radio, TV, and Theater he went on to enroll in the Motion
Picture Institute of Michigan in 2005.

After gaining the third place audience award for his thesis film, “Anything is Everything,” Chad went on to Write, Direct, Produce, Edit, Compose, and Cinematography for his first feature, “Muah!” in 2008. Impressed with his ambition and know how, lead actor, Mark Booker, asked Chad to write and direct Mark's new film company's first feature title, “PerfectMatch.”

After “PerfectMatch” ran the film festival route and ended up on Amazon Prime, as well as playing on National Television, Chad steadily worked on commercials, music videos, and various other short films before meeting Millionaire Howard Prager. Howard hired Chad to create a documentary about Howard's life, which ultimately led to shooting a feature length true life thriller titled, “To Be You.”

Since then he has been working diligently to further his career in the Visual Arts, creating intriguing Films that not only entertain, but are profitable and meaningful. His lifetime goal is to continue Writing and Directing films that harbor cultural importance, multilayered characters, and innovative story telling.

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