The mission of the Piton film Festival is to form an alliance among film lovers, the young and mature who would like to know more about the business, and that it will be a recognized and respected festival. We envision that people of all colors, shapes, and sizes fro.m all over the world will be encompassed in a whole new light. By using art, through film making, it will express the beauty within all people and allow them to tell a story of their own. A community of film lovers where the group networks, exchanges dialogue, schedules and conduct events and share ideas serving as a central point of communication and as our vehicle to accomplish future projects.

The winning films selected at the Piton Film Festival in St. Lucia will be featured during the popular Ocktober Film Festival in New York City on October 4, 2014. For more information about the Ocktober Film Festival:

DEADLINES: Deadlines are firm. No exceptions.

SUBTITLES: All non-English language films must be subtitled in English

AFTER SUBMISSION ACCEPTANCE: In order for your title to be included in the Festival, you must agree to provide the following materials to the Piton Film Festival (PFF) within 7 days of acceptance:

1. For film, at least one screen shot of the title, and box art if available. Image must be in jpg format, 300 dpi,
2. If available, a trailer of the program in digital format.
3. Exhibition format(s) of your project, delivered no later than 7 days after acceptance.
4. Copies of press releases and additional press materials, if available.
5. In addition to the Exhibition Copy of your film (DVD, BLU-RAY, Film or HDCam: dependent on the venue we place you in and its available formats), we also require 2 DVD DISK copies for the industry jury of the competition. These DVDs will NOT be returned.

The Piton Film Festival holds no responsibility for lost or damaged prints. While the utmost care will be taken with regard to prints, it is solely up to the filmmaker to take full responsibility ( The cost of delivery and pick-up of all materials is the responsibility of the filmmaker.