The Pitch-2-Script Faith & Family Screenplay Competition is a 7 round tournament style single elimination screenplay competition that has each entry competing against only one other entry in specific story structure rounds (Round 1: The Pitch, Round 2: The First Page, Round 3: The First 10 Pages, Round 4: Plot Point I, Round 5: The Midpoint, Round 6: Plot Point II, Round 7: Act III). In Round 7, if there are more than 2 screenplays competing, then Round 7 will have every entry competing against each other.

Please visit the website ( to learn about how your Pitch is to be presented on your title page of your entry as well as to read the FAQ.

This competition allows you to follow the progress of your entry through the rounds. You no longer have to wait months to learn where your entry stands.

50% of entries move on to the next round. Defeat just 6 entries and you're a finalist.

Pitch-2-Script Winner = $1000
(Pitch-2-Script prize amount increases $3 per entry)

Best Pitch Winner = $500
(Best Pitch prize amount increases $2 per entry)

The Winner of the Pitch-2-Script and Best Pitch will also receive an InkTip Script Listing: A listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you.

1. Entrants must be 18 years of age upon entry.
2. Collaborative work is accepted, but all screenwriters attached to an entry must adhere to the rules.
3. All entries must be the original work of the screenwriter. The screenwriter must own all rights to it prior to the time of entry. Screenplays that are under option, sold, or produced prior to entry are not allowed. Previously optioned screenplays are allowed. Screenplays that are optioned or sold after they have been entered will be allowed to continue in the competition. Screenplays that are filming or produced during the competition are disqualified. Entrants must inform Pitch-2-Script if their entries no longer are qualified for this competition. 
4. Entrants retain the rights to their screenplays. Registration of your screenplay with the U.S. Copyright Office or the WGA is recommended.
5. Only the screenplay title and writer's name will be listed on the Pitch-2-script website. Pitch-2-Script will not post loglines, synopsis, screenplays, or contact information.
6. Entrants must not have earned more than $7500 in the past three years as a screenwriter for film or TV.
7.Entrants must submit their "Pitch" on the title page of their screenplay. See example provided on the "Enter" page of this ( website.
8. Screenplays must be in English, follow US Motion Picture industry standard format, be from 85 pages to 120 pages in length with all pages numbered.
9. "R" rated level screenplays will be disqualified. "PG-13" rated level screenplays should be leaning more towards a "PG" rating level than an "R" rating level.
10. Entrants must read the FAQ page on this website ( as answers to those questions reflects how this contest will be administered as well.
11. Acknowledgement of your entry will be made by the posting of your screenplay's title and your name on the Round 1 page.
12. Entrants will be notified via the various "Round" pages as to the progress of their entry.
13. Once your screenplay is entered and one other screenplay is entered, the judging begins and notifications on the various "Round" pages are posted.
14. Screenplays compete in a single elimination one on one "round" format . 50% of the entries in each round advance to the next round. If more than two entries advance to Round 7 (depends on the number of entries in the competition), then all entries advancing to Round 7 will be judge against each other.
15. Only Pitches that advanced to Round 2 will compete for the Best Pitch Winner. Determination of the Best Pitch will not be done in a single elimination round format like the Pitch-2-Script Winner. "50% Of Entries Advance To Next Round," "Beat Only 6 Entries To Become A Finalist," and "Real Time Posting Of Entry's Status" apply to the Pitch-2-Script portion of the competition only and not the Best Pitch portion of the competition.
16. Once entered, no refunds of entries fees will be administered.
17. Entrants are allowed to re-enter only after their original entry has been eliminated from the competition. Re-entrants will need to pay a $15 re-entry free. While re-entrants may change up their tagline, logline, synopsis, and any parts of their screenplay, their title and screenwriting name must be the same as their original entry.
18. All winners are responsible for their U.S. income tax withholding and reporting and may be responsible for submitting a W-9 upon request.
19. Prize money for the Pitch-2-Script Winner starts at $1000 and the Best Pitch prize starts at $500. Prize money for Pitch-2-Script Winner goes up $3 per entry. Prize money for Best Pitch goes up $2 per entry.
20. Judges decisions are final and can not be disputed.
21. Contest opens for entries on July 1, 2016 and closes for entries on December 31, 2016.
22. Winners to be announced on or before February 15, 2017. 
23. Entry Fees may be increased or decreased anytime prior to an entry deadline period. Entry fees will never be decreased lower than a previous entry period's fee.
24. Pitch-2-Script reserves the right to decrease or extend the closing and/or the announcement dates of the competition if so deemed warranted.
25. By entering this competition, you agree to the "Rules".