After joining a traveling orchestra to peddle cleaning products, a young musician spurns the conservative ways of post-war America when she falls in love with another woman, only to face backlash wherever she turns.

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  • Odd Bird (short film) selected for 62 domestic Film Festivals
Writer Biography - Katy Dore

Katy Dore once turned down an invitation to have lunch with Queen Elizabeth in favor of going camping. She’s never regretted it.

Favoring stories of people history fails to mention, Katy is an award winning fiction writer, screenwriter and actor. After completing her undergraduate studies at Stanford University, she earned an MFA at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Katy spent 30 years as the owner of a graphic design firm until a series of back surgeries forced a hiatus. Flat on her back, Katy had a moment to catch her breath and figure out what to do with the rest of her life. Narrowing her options to Rock Goddess or Filmmaker, Katy chose the latter.

A recent short film written and directed by Katy was selected for 62 domestic film festivals where it garnered awards including Best Director, Best Short, Best Short Screenplay, Best LGBTQ+ Short, and the Audience Favorite Award.

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Writer Statement

This story is inspired by anecdotes shared by an aunt who played with the Hormel All Girl Orchestra. The film explores the universal themes of forbidden love, race and social obligation.