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Pigneto Film Festival, (Rome 19-25 September 2021) the first film festival in which 5 foreign filmmakers have 144 hours for imagine and create an audiovisual product, using only "raw materials" of one of the most eccentric and lively neighborhoods of Rome.

The theme on which to develop their products is unveiled, only, at the arrival of the directors who is also entrusted with a song to be included in the short, artists managed and recommended by the booking agency Eretico Booking.

Entry into the Festival guaranties all the Films to be In Competition and therefore to be nominated for the following Awards:

- BEST ACTING (features both male and female nominees)

Pigneto Film Festival is being held in Rome (Italy) from Sunday September 19th to Sunday September 26th, 2021. The Festival takes place annually, in one of Rome's most vibrant neighbourhoods, the Pigneto.

Five under-35 Filmmakers of foreign nationality (that live in Italy) will be selected for the creation of original audiovisual products.
The directors will be asked to develop short films whose theme will be revealed a few hours before shooting starts; the filmmakers will have 6 days at their disposal - 144 hours - to produce their original work which can either be a short film, a documentary or an animated short film having a maximum duration of 8 minutes excluding the credits.

All materials produced in excess of 8 minutes shall be automatically excluded from the competition.
The scenes shall all be filmed inside the Pigneto triangle, namely the area bordered by Via Prenestina, via Casilina and via di Acqua Bullicante.

Each Filmmaker shall have at his/her disposal a crew made up of 1 production organizer, 1 video operator, 1 sound engineer, 1 video editor and 4 actors.

All images used shall be shot during the 6 days of the festival. Any pictures created before the competition or shot in other places shall not be accepted. Animation and special effects are allowed, but also in this case they shall necessarily be created during the festival
The videos shall be delivered by 10.00 pm on 24 September 2021 on, on pain of exclusion from the Festival. The audiovisual product and its contents shall become the property of the Waldo Event Network Production.

Each filmmaker shall be assigned a band / musician chosen by Production. The band / musician shall compose an original soundtrack for the short film in agreement with the filmmaker.

The videos shall have the following characteristics:
3 seconds for the Pigneto Film Festival and Waldo Event Network, provided by Production
3 seconds for the filmmaker’s logo, if any
Start of the Video
Subtitles in two languages: Italian and English or other language
The closing credits shall contain the wording Coproduction Logo of the Griffith Academy and Movi Production (supplied by Production)
It is mandatory to provide a synopsis in Italian and English, 1 poster, 4 photo frames, and 30-second trailer

Production shall incur the following costs:
- return trip to and from Rome for a maximum amount of € 150.00 *
- board and lodging for the 5 filmmakers from Saturday 18 to Sunday 26 September included.
- 1 swab
Any additional costs shall be paid by the filmmaker.

* Each videomaker shall purchase the ticket (plane, ship or train) which will subsequently be reimbursed by Production. Travelling costs, for a maximum amount not exceeding € 150.00, shall be reimbursed 90 days after the event subject to submitting to Production by e-mail the receipt for payment of the ticket as proof of the cost incurred by the filmmaker.

Production shall send a list of the technical materials that will be made available to the directors for the whole duration of the festival. Such materials shall not be integrated and shall be returned by the team organizer at the end of the shoot.

Awards & Prizes:
An International Jury composed of personalities from the world of cinema and culture from various countries, excluding any person involved in any capacity in the production of the invited films or who may have an interest in their distribution, will award the following prizes for the feature films:

- BEST ACTING (features both male and female nominees)

The members of the jury shall not be involved in any way in the making of the short films selected.

The call is valid until June 01, 2021.
Applications to participate shall be sent by e-mail to: and shall be accompanied by the curriculum vitae of the applicant and a link to at least one work filmed during the past year and / or a showreel (if available).

Participants are advised that in no case shall they distribute the short film before official screenings, including web distribution.
Participants are informed that the material shot during the Festival shall be the property of the Festival, and any partial or total use of the images, shall be intended solely for cultural and recreational purposes.

and their format shall be:
self-contained SD Quicktime file with no proprietary codecs and shall be delivered on either: DVD data -or- USB stick DVD video

Participation in the selection process implies that the conditions indicated above are automatically accepted by the applicant.

All filmmakers must comply with the regulations in force on COVID-19, the production will provide the protection tools, as per current legislation.
Staff, crews and filmmakers will be required to wear protective equipment.


* Each videomaker shall have to provide for the purchase of the air ticket that will be subsequently reimbursed. Reimbursement, for a total of € 150.00, shall be made 90 days after submission of the receipt for payment of the air ticket.

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  • Well, I've won 3 best prizes and now I am going to Venice with "Pina" , my new short film made during the festival. People are amazing and very very caring. Fellow filmmakers are awesome! like a family. Thank you so much. unfortunately I had no time to visit any of the events- i was too busy filming. Highly recommended xxxx

    July 2019
    Response from festival:

    we love you!!!