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Pidnyaty Mene [Solidarnist' Ukrayina Dub]

Special version in support of Ukraine and especially its LGBTQIA+ community. Elevate Me [Lanah's Solidarnist' Ukrayina Dub] is from the film Legendary Children [All of Them Queer]. The video and track celebrate the historic arrival of LGBTQIA+ Pride in Europe and send a message of solidarity to an LGBTQIA+ movement in Ukraine making its voice powerfully heard in the midst of this century's most vicious war.

1) Currently sourcing additional video footage of KyivPride linkups with Liverpool Pride, Stockhom Pride and Warsaw Pride (to replace and augment where stills used)

2) studio to-camera performance inserts of LANAH P may be added

3) native speaker steer on language translations

4) video is available with SRJ version or official Wayne G remix version as video audio

ENGLISH HOH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE (enable CC button on player)

Original version Elevate Me {Lanah's Get Lesbianated Bus Stop Dub) taken from Legendary Children [All Of Them Queer] due out late 2023 from Peccadillo Pictures), a new film tracking the original human rights pioneers who brought Pride to Europe in 1972 as Pride 50 unfolded around them. What nobody expected was a bizarrely catchy, totally whack dance track...

Led by iconic Epicene pop star and entertainer LANAH P and featuring rock star TOM ROBINSON, international human rights icon PETER TATCHELL and US activist STUART MILK. Get Lesbianated is a ballroom strut like you won’t ever have quite seen before… Internationally acclaimed ‘Superstar DJ’ WAYNE G has produced the track’s official dancefloor remix release.

The inspirational KyivPride activists have already been making the need for international solidarity very visible with powerful linkups like the Ukraine presence at Liverpool Pride 2023. This takes the idea potentially beyond borders with the power of music and a medium that can carry that message anywhere in the world.

(contains strong language)

Get lesbianated now. Just give in and let it happen. You never know who you'll meet on this bus...


It should always be noted that "being lesbianated" is a divine concept born of the unique mind of the artist known as Lanah P (and naturally Miss P's very own copyright...) with the most fine musical backing of UK DJ/producer SRj.

English with Ukrainian captions

  • Rob Falconer
    27000@25: When We Were Boys (World AIDS Day worldwide with Erasure and Jimmy Somerville), Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex, #ReclaimPride, Gilded Vectors Of Disease (radio series), Being At Home With Claude (radio drama), Freedom: 50 Years of Pride (excerpts)
  • SRJ
  • Rob Falconer
    Vocal concept and production.
  • Lanah Pillay
    Additional material. Breakthrough agendered recording artist with Stock, Aitken, Waterman, live and recorded music and cabaret artist. Lanah’s international hits Pistol In My Pocket and I Can Make A Man Out of You are enduring, with Pistol recently remixed by Vince Clarke and re-released. Elevate Me (Lanah's Get Lesbianated Dub) is a new track created especially for the film with SRJ and worldwide DJ and producer Wayne G remixing the official release dancefloor version.
  • SRJ
    Composer. musician and producer. Elevate, Gonna Lose Control (featuring Zalvn), When You Call My Name (Craig Bryce), Give Me One More Chance (Leanne P). Electronic dance music producer inspired by the The Freemasons, Syke ‘n’ Sugastarr, Seamus Haji and Simmons and Christopher at clubs like Beyond in London, SRJ started independent dance label SRJ Productions 10 years ago.
  • Rob Falconer
    Vocal production. 27000@25: When We Were Boys with Jimmy Somerville and Erasure, Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex (sequel, 7 countries, Virgin Retail Number 1), #ReclaimPride, Speaking In Riddles, The Gilded Vectors Of Disease (radio factual series and retail CD release), The Tailor-Made Man (radio drama with Hollywood and Broadway star Judd Hirsch).
  • Lanah Pillay
    Key Cast
    Breakthrough agendered actor, comic and musician, worldwide music hits with Stock Aitken Waterman and Gary Clail, TV/film includes Eat The Rich, The Comic Strip, theatre and cabaret in London, Edinburgh and US including Torsten co-starring with Andy Bell.
  • Tom Robinson
    Key Cast
    RobinsonMusic14 albums. Notable worldwide hits include War Baby, Glad To Be Gay, 2-4-6-8 Motorway.
  • Peter Tatchell
    Key Cast
    Hating Peter Tatchell (Netflix), international human rights activist and campaigner
  • Stuart Feather
    Key Cast
    Actor and company member of the former Bloolips Theatre, author of Blowing The Lid, GLF activist.
  • Roz Kaveney
    Key Cast
    Pioneering trans activist, author, critic and award-winning Oxford poet
  • Nettie Pollard
    Key Cast
    National Council For Civil Liberties (now Liberty), the former Greater London Council, feminist, GLF activist.
  • Bruce Bayley
    Key Cast
    Dramatherapist. 1972 Pride pioneer. Camden GLF and Come Together magazine.
  • Julian Hows
    Key Cast
    Longstanding LGBT activist, D.R.A.G: Development Research Advocacy Governance, famously challenged London Underground's gender/uniform policies.
  • Wayne G
    Offical release remix
    WAYNE G PRODUCTION VERSION COMING SHORTLY. Wayne broke out as one of London’s workaholic resident DJs, first at Turnmills and then the world-famous Heaven. He plays huge parties across the world, including Sydney Mardi Gras, Berlin Love Parade, World Pride and Miami Winter Music Conference. He’s played Mexico City, across the US to Shanghai and everywhere in between. Equally successful in production with multiple hit singles and albums, starting with his explosive original track Twisted, in collaboration with Stewart Who (the biggest selling dance single of 1998). Wayne’s remix roster numbers Cher, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguliera, Celine Dion, Deborah Cox, Whitney Houston.
  • Project Type:
    Music Video
  • Runtime:
    6 minutes 35 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    July 11, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Country of Filming:
    United Kingdom
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ+ Film Festival
    Palm Springs, California
    United States
    September 17, 2023
    North American premiere
    Official Selection
  • Official selection 14th KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2023
    June 23, 2023
    Official Selection
Distribution Information
  • Peccadillo Pictures
    Country: United Kingdom
    Rights: Video on Demand, Pay Per View, Theatrical, Paid TV
Director Biography - Rob Falconer

Starting 25 years back, LGBTQIA+ work includes producer Speaking In Riddles (LLGFF National Film Theatre London, Frameline San Francisco, Turin, Netherlands art house tour, UK retail release), director/producer 27000 with CRUSAID (to 160,000 on Clapham Common for Pride), director/producer Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex ‘97, (LLGFF National Film Theatre London, Europe, USA and Australia theatrical, UK/USA commercial release, Virgin retail No.1). On returning to filmmaking in the 2020s, director/producer #ReclaimPride, director/producer 27000@25: When We Were Boys with Jimmy Somerville and Erasure through the World AIDS 2021 Day Rock The Ribbon period, which traversed the world in 7 languages exclusively across Erasure's official online channels (despite YouTube's unsuccessful attempts to ban it to U18s), and work broadcast in the Stephen Daldry/Joe Robertson produced Freedom: 50 Years of Pride. The track was created for Rob's 2022 Pride 50 documentary Legendary Children [All of Them Queer] , due for release late 2023 by Peccadillo Pictures.

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Director Statement

"The longer film out of which this track was drawn Lehendarni Dity [Usi Kvir] demonstrates how the collective power of ordinary people, in number and shared objectives, can bring about global change. For me, these legendary individuals will never be “ordinary”.
This and the longer film, both in very different ways, mean to send solidarity to LGBT+ - and to all Ukrainians - at this time of critical humanitarian crisis. Within the irreverent, anti-establishment tone of the music and video lie powerful human rights questions.
Quite clearly the Pride movement worldwide is a famously pacifist one, repeatedly proving change can be brought about by non-violent action. But there are no easy or comfortable arguments when it comes to Ukraine's perilous situation. 17 million people displaced, Ukrainian deaths approaching 100,00 with many more casualties, over US$400billion of damage to the country's infrastructure... A placard held-up by a Ukrainian marcher at Liverpool Pride 2023 reading in no uncertain terms "Arm Ukrainian Queers" asks us all a question which can't be dodged.

So how would we respond..? It's unexpected and inspiring to see LGBT+ rights issues in Ukraine find their way prominently and positively into the public arena during Russia's brutal bombardment. What is certain is that many formerly civilian LGBT+ Ukrainians have joined Ukraine's forces to defend their nation with extraordinary valour and resilience.
History shows freedom will out but sometimes at a terrible human cost."