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The film revolves around a couple, Kannagi and Kovalan, in the city of Chennai. The story is a modern-day adaptation of the Epic tamil novel – SILAPATHIGAARAM, with a twist.

KANNAGI (45), a middle-class home maker. She sells Tupperware and home made Pickle in the neighbourhood for her survival. KOVALAN (55), an ex-LIC agent, now bedridden and in a vegetative state. Its been more than 20 years he had that brutal accident. One month into the marriage, he got drunk one day and was ran over by a lorry. Kannagi was a nurse, 20 years back, when she met Kovalan. Love blossomed at first sight. They married against both the families will. The tragedy hit her hard and Kovalan got bedridden.

Kannagi left her job as a nurse and started to help her husband with daily things – from brushing his teeth, feeding him and even cleaning his shit. But she got hate in return from him. The very thought of he cant feel a thing neck down, made Kovalan a verbally abusive man. He vents his anger towards her. Cuss words and more cuss words every day. Kannagi is patient. Patient as a stone. Literally a stone many times. She has sacrificed many things in these 20 years. Her job, her passion, her self esteem and most importantly the mandatory biological sexual desires.

The sticker on the pickle box she sells reads "Add some spice to your life". Ironical isnt it? MADHAVAN (30), a supermarket manager and a client of Kannagi, has an eye on her. Kannagi has her own apprehensions and reservations towards his feelings for her. Yes, 15 years difference is one of it. Although her husband is a pain, she dosent want to leave him for Madavan. A typical middle aged indian wife.

Sex is an important biological need for a human. A man who is single, divorcee goes to brothel, date or even uses Tinder. It is over looked by the society. He can even escape saying his kid needs a mother. But if a woman does the same, the society argues in a different way. She is looked as a bitch. A sex craving animal. If she is a middle aged woman, its worse.

In Silapathigaaram, Kovalan has an extra marital affair with Madhavi. Still Kannagi lives with him. Defends him. Burns a city for him. What if Kannagi had a relationship? Would Kovalan do the same? A man’s affairs is seen as his masculinity but a woman’s is seen otherwise.

Lots of questions flashes in Kannagi’s mind. 20 years of hardships and don’t She deserve this? A vicious mouthed bed ridden Kovalan, totally unappreciative for her efforts on one side and a kind hearted Madhavan on the other. What if Kannagi decides to use Madhavan for her sexual pleasures?

  • Anand Ravichandran
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Writer Biography - Anand Ravichandran

I am into script, story writing since high school; a trained theatre artist from many renowned theatre groups in Chennai. Have directed Short films, promo videos and ad films. Currently scriptwriting for 4 Tamil feature films. My recent project includes screenplay writing for a Hindi feature film.

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To me Cinema is Whats in the frame and what's out. I believe storytellers restore order with imagination.