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Pickleballs! - The Movie

When disgraced former tennis champion loses his job, home, and mother on the same day, he must reinvent himself by reuniting with his former rival to compete in Pickleball tournaments for money as teammates to pay off debts. Living in an old RV while traveling across the country, they discover their ideologies and disdain were just ignorant assumptions about each other and an authentic friendship develops.

  • Daniel Edward Beeman
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Daniel Edward Beeman

Dan Beeman Biography
From jumping out of perfectly good aircraft as a US Army, Airborne Paratrooper in Germany to diving more than 300 feet as a deep-water SCUBA Instructor in the Caribbean; Dan Beeman has shown remarkable range in his pursuits.
At the tender age of 50, he went back to graduate school and earned his Masters of Hospitality from UNLV where he wrote his final research paper on the Implications of Pickleball for the Hospitality Industry.

He also wrote a book of existential essays called Deep Dive.
Dan Beeman

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This can be filmed safely and inexpensively. Most scenes are can be filmed on a small closed set.