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Philosopher's Stone ''Awakening to freedom ''

Zehra (20) is the respected daughter of Horse Rock Village. She lives a forced life imposed on her by the board of alderman(council). It is oppressed under fabricated rules and responsibilities. From time to time, she enters an abandoned house hidden from everyone, questioning prohibitions and impositions in front of a mirror that is forbidden to look at. She feels guilty about interrogations, punishes herself by plucking her hair. Zehra is envied by her milk sibling Dudu (20), constantly followed and imitated. There is a great secret that Ayaz Aba(60), the healer of the village, could not tell Zehra.
One day, when Zehra teaches the ancient tradition of marriage to the children, she learns from the council that she will take over Ayaz Aba’s place with a great ceremony in the vineyard. At this ceremony, Zehra will take an oath that she will never marry and devote herself to the peasants. Zehra is disturbed by the situation but cannot resist pressures and impositions.
Zehra meets Fatma (20, horse acrobat) and Mustafa (24, a horse trainer), the children of the village's former horse breeder, who come to catch some wild horses near the respected Horse Rock. Fatma, who has been in a horse accident before, is crippled and angry with her life. She questions Zehra about fate and courage by showing the words "EVERY HEART IS HER OWN DESTINY" written on the back of the truck. Zehra is illiterate, she doesn't know herself. She can't answer Fatma's questions.
Zehra enters the abandoned house and questions Fatma's words in front of the mirror and the impositions of the council. She sits on Horse Rock and declares to everyone that she wants to get married. She rebels against the ban on marriage that the council members have invented for her. She tries to prove to the delegation and the villagers that she can make her own decisions, that she exists in society as an individual.
The board of alderman meets urgently. They make up a new tradition of marriage and put it in front of Zehra. According to the new made-up tradition of marriage, Zehra needs to catch a wild horse, learn to ride and gallop away from the village starting from the respected rock horse rock of the village on it.
Zehra is determined to prove herself. The wild horse hunt begins. Seeing Zehra's determination, the council gathers the horses at the old horse farm. They bring Fatma and Mustafa to the farm to take care of the horses and try to prevent Zehra from learning to ride horses. Zehra gets closer to Fatma on the farm, learns to read and write. She begins to understand herself, recognizes her interests and desires. With Fatma's help, she learns to ride.
On the day of the swearing-in ceremony, her milk sibling Dudu takes her place by trapping Zehra. Zehra gets rid of the trap and comes to the ceremonial site. She hides herself and participates in horse races between men. She wins the competitions with superior success and wins the appreciation of the council and the villagers. When it is discovered that Zehra is the winner of the races, the board of alderman plays its last card. When the healer Ayaz Aba breaks her oath, Zehra learns the truth about her life and faces the real purpose of the board of alderman.

  • emel dam
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Tufan Taşı ''Özgürlüğe Uyanış''
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    Screenplay, Treatment
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  • Student Project:
  • 58. Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Turkey
    November 9, 2021
    Sümer Tilmaç Category Finalist
Writer Biography - emel dam

Creative writer, poet, screenwriter, teacher.
Born in Alanya in 1974, Emel Dam has been working as a teacher since 1997. Emel Dam, who studied Child Development and Education at Gazi University, writes novels, children's novels and poetry.
She participated in the 2020-2021 Antalya Film Crew workshops as a screenwriter. She received the Scriptwriting Certificate by successfully completing the Anadolu University Learn from the Master Cinema Workshop e-Certificate Program, which he attended simultaneously.
She prepared the first feature-length fictional film project named Philosopher's Stone"Awakening to Freedom" at the Antalya Film Team workshop. Philosopher's Stone "Awakening to Freedom" film project was a finalist in the 58th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival in the Sümer Tilmaç category. She prepared the TV series "Time of Pride", which consists of nine episodes for digital platforms.
She successfully completed Anadolu University Film Production Program in 2022 and received her certificate.
The romantic comedy movie project named ''Double Roasted'' was included among the projects supported by the Ministry of Culture General Directorate of Cinema with the decision numbered 2022-1.
She wrote short film scripts called "...and the Mask Falls'' and the ''Compartment" in 2022.
She still continues to receive Ezel Akay-Director training at Istanbul Film Academy.

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