The IFAP Awards is an annual five day film festival celebrating the independent filmmaker. With so few opportunities at bigger festivals for indie filmmakers to have their films seen, great indie content goes unnoticed. We look for those hidden gems. The awesome films and content that often gets passed up. We look for visionary groundbreaking content that often goes unseen and unheard. There’s nothing better than seeing your hard work on screen in front of an audience that will appreciate it. There’s nothing better than hearing your name called and walking up to the podium to be acknowledged for your hard work. That’s our festival, that’s our award show. We look forward to seeing you on the red carpet.

All nominees receive free access to the entire festival, panels and workshops as well as free entry to the award show. Winners will receive the IFAP award in their perspective categories. The award categories are as follows.

Best Picture Domestic.
Best Picture International
Best Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best Director
Best Short Film.
Best LGBTQ Film
Best Web Series.
Best Screenplay .
Best Actor.
Best Actress.
Best Supporting Male Actor.
Best Supporting Female Actor.
Best Black Stage Play
Best Emerging Black Filmmaker

Films both domestic and international must be High Definition. International entries must be in English, or subtitled in English.
Works in progress will be accepted but must be clearly marked as such and what changes will be made when final and finished film is completed.

Feature films up to 120 minutes including credits will be accepted.
Stage plays up to 180 minutes will be accepted.
International Films up to 120 minutes including credits will be accepted.
Full length Documentaries up to 120 minutes including credits will be accepted.
Short films 20 minutes or less including credits will be accepted.
Short Documentaries up to 20 minutes including credits

To qualify for the Tri State Short Film category fifty percent or more of your film
must be shot in the Tri State area, Washington or Maryland.
. LGTBQ films up to 120 minutes including credits will be accepted.
Screenplays up to 120 pages will be accepted.

Web series entrants may submit two original episodes of your series for consideration (as one file). Each episode must be no more than 15 minutes, all genres accepted: drama, comedy, documentary style, reality based.
. Music videos will be a maximum of ten minutes in length including credits.
Your film, screenplay and music video must be copy written and must be the sole property of the submitter If your film is selected upon being contacted you will be required to send a file of your film.

Overall Rating
  • Debbie Wright

    I cannot say enough about Floyd and the team at the IFAP Awards! First of all, it was clear that Floyd and anyone on the review team are really passionate about supporting and promoting the hard and "heart" work of independent filmmakers, especially those of color. Floyd was very hands on during the whole process, including making sure the equipment worked well when the film was shown. Films were shown in an intimate environment, and Floyd facilitated engaging discussions with the audiences after each screening. The Awards Ceremony was like nothing we have experienced before - it truly was like being at the Oscars! The venue, the entertainment, the Masters of Ceremonies, the award presenters, the videos that accompanied the announcement of the nominees, and even the awards themselves were first class all the way, making the event truly unforgettable! And the great experience that we had during the festival did not stop when the last award was given out, as Floyd has continued to support the filmmakers in the IFAP Awards "family," providing learning opportunities with industry leaders, using social media to provide advice and share lessons learned, and even creating other opportunities for films to be screened in places like Las Vegas through the partnerships and collaborations that he has fostered. Not only were we honored and proud to be a part of such a great festival with a big heart, but we are equally grateful that this experience connected us with such an amazing person as Floyd and his wonderful team. I highly recommend submitting to any festival for which Floyd is a leader.

    August 2019
  • The experience with IFAP was amazing. It was great meeting so many talented Filmmakers. The energy from the hosts was exhilarating. The positive messages delivered by the IFAP staff and the Award recipients was emotional and inspiring. I look forward to this experience next year!

    July 2019
  • jillian bullock

    2019 I attended the IFAP Awards because my music video was nominated. Not only did the video win, which was amazing, but everything about the award event was wonderful, including great food and drink, the swag bag, and the red carpet interviews. Very enjoyable experience. Will be back in 2020.

    May 2019
  • Thank you for your selection and your hospitality. How kindness.

    May 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for selecting us to screen your film. We look forward to seeing more of your work. And we thoroughly enjoyed your first film as well.

  • Breana Greene

    Awesome experience! The event felt like Hollywood! Everyone was nice, professional, and made you feel comfortable. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to start off their independent filmmaking career.

    May 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Breana! We were so moved and excited for you. Your talent and passion shines through in your work and we’re proud and humbled that Agent X was your first of many festivals and awards. I personally look forward to seeing you do bigger and better things in the film industry. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again in the future.