This weekend only, use code Weekend1 for a 20% discount off your submission. The Philadelphia Independent Film Awards happening May 15 thru May 19, 2019 is an annual five day event dedicated to the showcasing of exceptional independent films. We believe that independent filmmakers deserve a platform where their work can be shown among their peers. The awards screens foreign, domestic, and local filmmakers as well as web series, music videos, LGBTQ films, documentaries, screenplays and our special Tri State Short Film category created specifically for filmmakers in the Tri State area and New York.

For the past three years, the Philadelphia Film Awards has grown to become an important event throughout Philadelphia as well as a significant part of the independent film industry as a whole. Our programming focuses solely on diverse independent films. Filmmakers also have an amazing opportunity to have their films distributed with our distribution partner Shami Media Group.

Partnership Benefits and requirements for film distribution with Shami Media Group are
- Worldwide Distribution on all Digital Platforms. (iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Sony Playstation and more).
- Inflight Film Distribution (To all Major Worldwide Airlines).
- Global Exposure to the Festival and it's Filmmakers.
- DVD Physical Distribution.

Requirement for submission:

- Film must be shot in HD.
- Professional quality audio.
- Subtitles (For non-english films).
- Closed captioning.

Nominated films, music videos and web series will be shown over four days and will be combined with events including networking mixers, the Red Carpet Awards Gala. We encourage you to read our reviews and see what the filmmakers have to say about our show. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the red carpet in 2019. PLEASE NOTE, WE DO NOT EXTEND FEE WAIVERS. Thank you.

Best Picture Domestic.
Best Documentary Award.
Best Short Film Award.
Best Student Film Award.
Best LGBTQ Award.
Tri State Film Award.
Best Web Series Award.
Best Picture Foreign.
Best Screenplay Award.
Best Animated Film.
Best Actor Award.
Best Actress Award.
Best Supporting Male Actor.
Best Supporting Female Actor.
Best Score
Best Cinematography

Films both domestic and foreign must be shot in High Definition. Foreign entries must be in English, subtitled in English or dubbed in English.
Works in progress will be accepted but must be clearly marked as such and what changes will be made when final and finished film is completed.
1. Feature films up to 120 minutes including credits will be accepted.
2. Foreign Films up to 120 minutes including credits will be accepted.
3 Documentaries up to 120 minutes including credits will be accepted.
4. Short films 30 minutes or less including credits will be accepted.
5. Short narrative films from 30 to 45 minutes including credits will be accepted.
6. Student films up to 20 minutes including credits will be accepted.
To qualify for the Tri State Short Film category fifty percent or more of your film
must be shot in the Tri State area.
7. LGTBQ films up to120 minutes including credits will be accepted.
8. Animated films up to 30 minutes, including credits will be accepted.
9. Screenplays up to 120 pages will be accepted.
10. Web series entrants may submit two original episodes of your series for consideration (as one file). Each episode must be no more than 15 minutes, all genres accepted: animation, drama, comedy, documentary style, reality based.
11. Music videos will be a maximum of ten minutes in length including credits.
Your film, screenplay and music video must be copy written and must be the sole property of the submitter. Films made after 2014 will be accepted. If your film is selected for screening and nomination, upon being contacted you will be required to send a brief bio, press kit and TWO DVD copies of your film. WE DO NOT ACCEPT FILES, it must be an HD or Blu Ray film which is screening ready. Nominated films will be screened exclusively in a theater venue. There will be no online screenings. We do not accept stageplays. WE DO NOT EXTEND FEE WAIVERS Thank you.

Overall Rating
  • Matteo Vicino

    One of the best festival we've been!
    simply GREAT PEOPLE! Well Organized!

    August 2018
  • Lisa Tedesco

    Great communication and great event! It was an easy time communicating with Floyd on any and all matters.

    May 2018
  • Tyrone Blassingame

    Great time will never miss it again

    May 2018
  • Dave Silberman

    It was an honor for DEAD AGAIN to be screened and then win multiple awards in the packed-house theater during the classy awards ceremony. The whole experience was inspiring and professional, from the feedback by festival director Floyd Marshall to the speeches by filmmakers.

    May 2018
  • Johnny Zito

    An honor to have had my short film screened and nominated. I urge everyone to submit. Well-worth it. I look forward to submitting future works.

    May 2018