The Patriki Film Festival will become Russia’s first competitive international online film festival. The chairman of the jury will be American film director, screenwriter, producer, and winner of the Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion prize, Darren Aronofsky.

The fourth Patriki Film Festival will take place in Moscow in the summer of 2022. The festival will feature premieres of Russian and international films and TV shows. All entries will be available for free online viewing during the entire period of the festival. The event will include several competitive programs, public talks with artists, directors and producers, and charitable as well as official and social events.

The winner of the main award will be selected from a shortlist of seven films. Entries will be accepted starting December 20; films of any length and with a bright artistic expression and original look can be submitted to the competition. Detailed terms and conditions can be found at the official website of the festival.

The Selection Committee nominates the films that will take part in the Festival.
Applicants can use the website to submit motion pictures for review by the Selection Committee.
Applications will be accepted between 20 December 2021 and 31 March 2022.
Only films that have not previously been shown in public are eligible to be included in the Festival Programme.
The Festival Management will determine the Programme and the schedule of the film screenings. Each film may be shown up to five (5) times during the Festival, including press screenings.

International and worldwide new releases are given precedence at the selection stage for the Festival competitions.
A minimum of seven (7) films will be selected to take part in the Main Competition.
The eligibility criteria for motion pictures to take part in the Main Competition are: feature films, at least sixty (60) minutes long, not previously broadcast on television or distributed as a theatrical, DVD or VoD release, not freely available online, not released in online cinemas or on online platforms, and not screened to the public. For the pre-selected films, digital film prints in Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format must be provided within the timeframe specified in the registration form.

The release prints of the films selected for the Festival competitions must be provided in their original language with English subtitles, unless English is the original language.
All film prints for the motion pictures included in the Festival competitions must be submitted to the Festival Management by 31 March 2022. Any copies submitted after this deadline will not be considered.