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Paralyzed Without Fear

When young motorcycle stunt rider, Erik awakens from a coma and learns that he’s paralyzed from a high speed motorcycle crash, he thinks his life is over. Technically it was, until an unusual moment in the trauma bay thwarted his untimely death. For Erik, death was an accepted outcome of his reckless lifestyle, paralysis was not. But Mei, whom he dated for only two months, stays by his side. With her devotion and the steadfast support of his gutsy broken family Erik gleans enough hope to keep from “checking out”. And the beginning of a seemingly impossible journey begins.
With no feeling or function at all from his chest down, the only stunt wheelies Erik does now are from the seat of a wheelchair. He adapts quickly to surmount most of the physical obstacles, but the grueling emotional journey is another story. Sure, he can jump curbs in his wheelchair but winning the hand of his feisty new girlfriend Mei isn't so easy. Oddly enough, the arduous process of rebuilding their lives becomes laced with more unusual moments, again offering just enough hope to keep them both going. She agrees to marry him, under one condition; she wants their own biological children. So when the harsh reality of paralysis turns their dream of having a family together into a nightmare, they come to realize they’re fighting a losing battle. Their lives and love begin to fall apart. Erik’s notion of “checking out” returns.
All hope seems lost until Erik’s eccentric father makes an unexpected visit in a tiny airplane that he’d built himself in his own garage and forcefully manhandles Erik into the cockpit. They take flight toward a beautiful sunset skyline, free from the restrictions of paralysis where Erik’s mechanical ingenuity is rekindled with a crazy idea. Erik returns to Mei’s garage and hunkers down, building his own device - to create children. His outrageous and dangerous experiment is the only chance he has at salvaging his broken life and shattered dreams. The result of his incorrigible resolve, against all odds, unfolds into an unbelievable, unprecedented outcome; one in which the bonds of family are realized and one that makes U.S. history.

  • Jacqueline Dunkle
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  • Genres:
    Drama, Romance, True Story
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    United States
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  • Next Generation Indie Book Awards
    Newberry Library Chicago IL
    May 31, 2019
    Finalist in Two Categories: Religious Non Fiction & Memoirs Overcoming Tragedy
Writer Biography - Jacqueline Dunkle

In 2010, Jacqueline's only child, Erik was involved in a life-threatening motorcycle accident in Wilmington, NC. The serendipitous story of his miraculous survival as a paraplegic as well as his risky but successful at-home child conception experiment were so incredible that she was inspired to write two Indie Award Winning memoir books; Gratitude & Grit and Paralyzed Without Fear. Her screenplay "Paralyzed Without Fear" is based on her son's unprecedented, unbelievable journey from Stunt Rider to Paraplegic to Father.
Born in 1963, Jacqueline was raised on a family farm in western Pennsylvania which strongly influences her writing style. She and her husband currently reside in North Carolina, close to her son and his growing family. Jacqueline's vocation morphed from the Salon & Spa industry into an Intuitive Healing Massage Therapist & Coach and accomplished Author/Writer.

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This one-of-a-kind true story is just what the world needs...hope.