Welcome to Paradox, Pune

Paradox is an Independent film festival with live screenings and Award Ceremony, that happens every year in Pune, India. Five Years have been passed for from 2019 this festival has been taking place even during difficult times as we promised our Filmmakers to do so. We are facilitating our fifth Annual Festival in 2023. Our mission is intended to help make a stage for the filmmakers and support their skills and talents for a long time to come. The PISFF is amazingly energized for its grandstand season and plans on getting better compared to other film festivals in Pune.

PISFF helps autonomous movie producers to make and show their skills and to find and celebrate unprecedented movies and create free filmmaking. Our Jury group is searching for potential movies and producers for scheduled meetings with officials from the film and media business. PISFF will have screening occasions at the Pune with post-screening Q&A with executives, makers and entertainers and the open door for them to coordinate with industry experts at our networking occasions and workshops.

PISFF is back in another extended format in 2023. In the principal occasion of the new decade, go along with us for a couple of diversely hypnotizing films that imagine hyper vivid universes of experience on screen.

PISFF is built up as a means for supporting and advancing film movie producers everywhere throughout the world. Our central goal is to advance exceptional artists by giving a portal to extend their vocations in media outlets. We sparkle a light on the obscure artists of today, helping them turn into the praised movie producers of tomorrow.

» Best Short Film - 21,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Documentary - 11,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Musical Video - 8,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Animated - 5,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Comedy - 3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Social subject -3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Debut Short Film - 3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Actress - 3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Actor - 3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Director - 3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Child Actor/Actress - 3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Cinematography - 3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Editor - 3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Concept - 3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate
» Best Negative Role - 3,000/- + Golden Trophy + Certificate


Submissions are accepted through Film freeway and Fest home only. No other submission platform is available rather than these two.
Filmmakers are required to submit with correct password on  Film freeway as well as Fest home.
Films with all Genres, Categories  are accepted.
Film s in any languages are accepted with subtitles only except English.
Short Films & Documentary Films must be 60 minutes or less in length (0 to 60 minutes). Running time includes Title and End credits. 
Features Film must be 300 minutes or less in length (0 to 300 minutes). Running time includes Title and End credits.  
Films are acceptable even if they are already online.
No film may be withdrawn from the festival program after its selection.
Winner Film selection will be based on:
Creative and Technical merit - Story line, narrative, Subject treatment, Direction, Technical aspects (i.e., Cinematography, Screenplay, acting, music.
No Censor Certificate is required. All Films including Student Film or Mobile Made Films are accepted in our Film Festival.
Certificates will be named based on the Submitters Name  so please Submit the Names Carefully.
Submitters need to check the Website, Social Media Accounts and Emails for regular communication and updates.

Mail us on :- paradoxfilmfest@gmail.com

Overall Rating
  • Saahil Shirwaikar

    It’s disappointing when festivals charge you a premium but never bother to revert to your Emails, nor do they have a FB page neither does their website work. Our film was selected, or do I say was a “Quarter-finalist”, but they did not bother informing who the winners were, where the event was, etc. Please think twice before sending your films to such festivals.

    March 2023
  • Cynthia Bergen

    Thank you! Paradox International Short Film Festival. For my film A Town Full of Ghosts, Quarter Finalist. Sorry for the low Rating Communication and Networking. Need to update your website, Facebook pages. No new updates. Cynthia

    January 2023
  • Brit Tobin

    Really cool festival! Thank you so much for the official selection.

    January 2023
  • Professionalism and a very friendly Festival.
    Thanks for the love of my film LEAVES

    January 2023
  • Thank you, dear Paradox International Short Film Festival, for selecting REVENGE OF A GRANDMOTHER as a SEMI-FINALIST!

    January 2023