Do we human beings deserve to know all the secrets of the universe?
In a dimly lit basement, Aadhya is waiting for someone but, things turn around when a team of police officers enter and arrest her on charges of murder. During interrogation, the Police Inspector briefs her on the reason for her being a suspect. He tells her about a cassette found on a murder site, in which Akaal narrates the tale of the murder committed by him with the help of his friend, Aadhya.
In the year 1995, Akaal visits someone. He introduces himself as a scientist in search of money to make time travel a reality. He explains his research and explains that the only hurdle between him and his success is the Grandfather Paradox: If a person travels to a time before their
grandfather had children, and kills him, will they still exist?
After several confrontations, Aadhya finally tells the truth to Inspector. She and Akaal are scientists who had always believed that travelling through time is possible. They successfully created a wormhole that could take them back 27 years in time. To find a solution to the Grandfather Paradox, Akaal, being an orphan, decided to kill his birth father’s younger self and record the consequences in a Cassette. Soon after the murder, they realized that they had accidentally killed a wrong person.
He was not Akaal’s father.
A few days later, Aadhya and Akaal finally found Akaal’s real father. He was the one whom Akaal is explaining time travel in 1995. To not repeat the mistake, they had conducted a DNA Paternity Test and, the result was positive. Akaal kills him. But, just after this second murder, Aadhya notices that the test result has mysteriously changed and, as per the new results, he is not Akaal’s father.
How did the results change? Or had they always been negative? Nobody knows. Or, nobody deserves to know.

  • JapLove Singh
  • JapLove Singh
  • JapLove Singh
  • Ashish Sharma
    Key Cast
  • Raksha Kumawat
    Key Cast
  • Anshul Tyagi
    Key Cast
  • Maddie Verma
    Key Cast
    "Father-2 (Abhimanyu Kumar)"
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  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Runtime:
    29 minutes 58 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 2, 2022
  • Production Budget:
    8,950 USD
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Director - JapLove Singh