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The Road of Rose

At the age of twenty-six, with everything to live for, Rose Pendry learns she inherited the same inoperable brain tumor which killed her mother and grandmother. She accepts the news that cancer will kill her within six months with a cold, distant fatalism. As a child, Rose was close to her young, single mother Kelly, who taught her to surf, and to embrace the wonder of life. But, since age eight, when her mother died, Rose has stunted her feelings. She almost sleep-walks through a life of emotional solitude. Her only solace comes out on the ocean waves, where she feels free to pursue the one great joy she shared with her mother: surfing.
Knowing cancer will soon kill her too, Rose struggles to find a purpose in the short amount of time she has left. She confides the truth of her diagnosis to her co-worker, Brett. He too battles a crippling, tragic loss; his sister, Katrina, mysteriously vanished three years ago while away at college in Santa Barbara.
Impulsively, Rose seizes on the idea of finding Brett’s missing sister. A clue leads Rose to a menacing but seductive drug dealer, Greg Benton. Despite Brett’s efforts to stop her, Rose ignores the obvious danger, and puts herself in harm’s way. She accepts Benton’s invitation to a rave party, exposing her to the same probable fate that may have taken Brett’s sister. This leads to a deadly, violent climax, and a twisted ending uncovers shocking secrets. But these discoveries allow Rose, and Brett, to accept the truth of their buried tragedies, and move on.

  • Annette Rodig
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    Drama, female driven
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Annette Rodig

Born and raised in Yonkers, New York to Polish immigrants, Annette has always had a steadfast love and appreciation for writing. She spent most of her childhood filling up notebooks upon notebooks of short stories and reading every book she could get her hands on, no matter the reading level. After graduating from Stockton University in New Jersey with a degree in History and English, she moved to San Diego, California where she went on to write her first novel, The Last Saint, at the age of 23. Today she resides in Temecula, California writing screenplays for both TV and feature films. Her very first screenplay, Unto Eden, won recognition in several writing competitions and was accepted as a nominee for the New Media Film Festival for best one hour TV drama screenplay in 2019. Annette continues to write multiple screenplays in the drama, thriller and suspense categories.

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