Paper Man

“What a fucking world! You should go and fuck yourself, goddamn assholes!”
A gold medal on the neck, a picture on the back pocket and chronic back pain. Inmok, who is in his 40’s, always glares at old people passing by with anger. He receives the eviction notice from his old house and decides to stay out of the world to become a Buddhist monk but that’s not even easy. Since he has nowhere to go but wants to save face, Inmok starts a new life in a serene place where it’s under the bridge.
There’s an old man, who has already lived there before Inmok, smiles at him but Inmok doesn’t like him. Inmok picks up boxes to make a bed as soon as he sees the old man has a decent sleeping box.However, collecting boxes is not easy and each area is already taken. Kidong, who has a mental disability, comes to read books for the old man every day. Inmok is impressed by him doing his best to get a Choco Pie and offers Kidong to collect boxes for Choco Pie. Inmok has been making his house with boxes as if he competes with the old man. Seoyeon, a girl, who shows up to him and asks for a cigarette, is in the thought of a place to die. While their bond is getting stronger unknowingly, arson on paper companies made the box price higher than ever. Although Inmok does his best collecting boxes to live better, the world does not seem to care about him.

  • Motae Ki
  • Motae Ki
  • Jin Kwak
    Key Cast
  • Jin Kwak
    Executive Producer
  • Hyunjun Jang
    Supervising Producer
  • Youngjin Jeong
    Line Producer
  • Geunwon Seo
    Camera Operator
  • Changjin Yoo
    Sound Recordist
  • Hyunjun Jang
    Location manager
  • Youngjin Jeong
    Assistant Director
  • Hongjae Jang
    Set Director
  • Hyunji Kwon
    Script Supervisor
  • Hyunji Kwon
    Ground Plan
  • Hongjae Jang
    Clapper Loader
  • Hyunjun Jang
  • Hyunjun Jang
    Digital Colorist
  • Jinyoung Jang
    Sound Designer
  • Hayoung Lee
    Sound Designer
  • Park Minwoo
    Sound Designer
  • da hee Kim
    Foley Artist
  • Dohun Im
    Sound mixing engineer
  • Secret Asian Men
  • Sejung Heo
  • Yeonjong Kim
  • Subeen
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    2 hours 9 minutes 9 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 31, 2022
  • Production Budget:
    32,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    Korea, Republic of
  • Country of Filming:
    Korea, Republic of
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Virgin Spring Cinefest

    Narrative Feature WINNER
  • Mountain View International Film Festival

    Narrative Feature WINNER
  • Druk International Film Festival

    International Narrative Features, OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD
  • World Film Carnival
  • Knight of the Reel Awards

    Narrative Feature WINNER
  • Vancouver Independent Film Festival

    Best International Feature Film
  • International Manhattan Film Awards

    Best International Narrative Feature WINNER
  • Rome Prisma Film Awards

  • Montreal Independent Film Festival

  • Seattle Film Festival

  • Independent International Festival

Director Biography - Motae Ki

Kimotae, (August 3rd, 1984~)

Born in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He was raised by his grandparents away from his parents. He was far from enjoying cultural life since he lived in a village in the countryside which is called Namha. It was only fun and pleasure reading fairy tales bought by his aunt, dancing and singing along to popular music from his father. He left for a city called Seongnam at the age 13 and enjoyed dancing and singing in a small studio. That naturally led to the entrance for a school of musical performance having been advised by his colleague in a dance team. That’s how he learned acting and realized he is cut out for it, however, he could not graduate because of livelihood although he transferred to a university and concentrated on studying. He joined a few plays out of school but still had difficulty in life due to insecurity from family issues.
After he suffered from depression, he started to feel secure from the counseling and colleagues who remembered and encouraged his talent. It made him go back to work for his career. The chief in the dance team encouraged him to join the production for play and it had a good result. This was the starting point to put his mind to his work. A friend of his who was in a movie production team encouraged him to be in charge of writing scripts and acting but he was still eager to learn although he was getting experienced in the field. He studied scenarios and worked together with the professional writer for 3 years.
Interestingly, he once moved to Busan for a play and met a soulmate. They got to have strong belief in each other and started to create films. Kimotae is in charge of writing and directing while his colleague, Hyunjun Jang supports and manages in general. They became confident and planned a low budget but feature film. Kimotae produced his first feature film, Paperman in 2021 sponsored by a good acquaintance who liked his script.

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Director Statement

People who are in their 40’s are called the backbone of the economy. As known as the Sandwich Generation.
Everything will be done once they fall apart. No one pays attention to their issue even though it is regarded as a generation which doesn’t have the leverage. They were called Generation X which used to be unpredictable but the younger generation is harder to understand for Gen X. They resisted the old custom and created a new culture but now they are considered a preachy generation. In fact, being stuck with old and new generations is not only for a certain generation. Audiences only get to see in the perspective of a mid 40’s main character who stands between generations. It can be observed with his eyes, however, it even gets distant if Inmok is in pain or emotional in the movie. Which could you empathize with among different generations having their own ways to live?