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Pacific Million

A frustrated reporter discovers a recording of her president committing murder in a futuristic fortress. She and her boss, a determined journalist, attempt to expose him despite society's memory-sharing technology.

An ambitious and inventive sci-fi thriller.
In a fortified community known as the Million, residents believe the outside air is dangerous, and their memories can be accessed by passersby thanks to chips implanted in their bodies.
A reporter uncovers video evidence that shows the President murdering a revolutionary and the woman set to become his successor. However, before she can expose this evidence, she is whisked away to "the farm", a slave labor camp, where she discovers more horrors and resolves to expose the truth. With the help of an outsider and the president's shamed head of security, she makes it back inside and broadcasts the truth to all.

  • louise wilding
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    sci-fi, thriller
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    United Kingdom
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Writer - louise wilding