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An aspiring journalist investigates a mystery brought to shore by unusual waste that emerged on the beach of an Afro community in the Colombian Caribbean, changing the lives of all villagers.

  • Federico Ahumada Domínguez
    Las Gardenias
  • Diego Cañizal
  • Federico Ahumada Domínguez
  • Ana María Ahumada
  • Adolfo Ahumada Domínguez
  • Braian Aburaad
    Key Cast
  • Saray Rebolledo
    Key Cast
    Flores del otro patio
  • Dario Moreu
    Key Cast
  • Fernanda Zapata
    Key Cast
    Maru a la tarde (TV Series)
  • Martha Cabrera
    Key Cast
    Así es la vuelta (TV Series)
  • Nikolai Alexander Navia
    Key Cast
    "El Gordo"
  • Gladys Giraldo
    Key Cast
    "Esposa de Meza"
  • Giselle Rada
    Key Cast
    "Hija de Meza"
  • Gissella Simanca
    Key Cast
  • Rafael Velazco
    Key Cast
    "El Gato"
  • Jhon Fredy Simarra
    Key Cast
    "El Butifarra"
  • Daniela Lesser
    Key Cast
  • David Lombana
  • Andrés Felipe Arias
    Art Director
  • Angélica Álvarez Altamiranda
    Make Up & Wardrobe
  • Erico Rodríguez
    Video Editor
  • Pablo Martínez
    Sound Department
  • Gabriel Bocanegra
    Sound Department
  • Michael Vignola
  • Jameson Nathan Jones
    "NOIR" (USA)
  • Oliver Michael
    "WITNESS" (South Africa)
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  • Runtime:
    22 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    January 1, 2023
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  • Premiere Status: World Premiere
Director Biography - Federico Ahumada Domínguez

Federico Ahumada is a filmmaker from Colombia’s Caribbean region. He studied Film Production and Acting for Film and TV at Vancouver Film School (Vancouver B.C., Canada).

His films aim to bring consciousness about social issues and conflicts inherent to his country, bringing a human and universal perspective to the stories that sprout from his region.

Among his work stands out “Young Lions”, a fiction short film, adapted from a novel of the same name, that was awarded Best Storytelling at A Show For A Change Film Festival (Los Angeles, California, USA) and received Honorable Jury Mention at the Indian Cine Film Festival (Mumbai, India).

His first documentary feature film "Las Gardenias" was completed in 2021 and has won 8 International Awards and has been selected at more than 15 International Film Festivals.

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Director Statement

Puerto is Federico's first fiction film based on an original story and therefore, closer to his heart. It takes place in a small Colombian Caribbean town that mirrors the soul of Colombia.

Director's Statement:

“Port” “Puerto” came out of the necessity to tell a story about a character from “Savannah,” a feature film I’ve been developing for a while. I was looking for a situation to change this character’s life forever.

Suddenly I read a short article about some hospital waste that was appearing on the beaches of Puerto
Colombia, a town very close to Barranquilla, where I live.
The image of syringes and testing tubes on the sand of a beach, usually crowded on the weekends, and the impact it was having on tourism, made me think of the environmental problems often ignored by Colombian politicians and the media because an issue is only necessary to them when is relevant to their own interests.

The presence of syringes and testing tubes on the otherwise popular beach on weekends, and its repercussions on tourism, made me consider the environmental issues often neglected by Colombian politicians and the media, as they generally only prioritize matters that are in their own best interests.
As I talked to journalists that have worked in a local newspaper, I learned about how the media shut down or fired any journalist that tried to investigate matters that would expose the corruption of the city’s elite ruling class. The more I researched and observed how this city works, the more I realized that the media had been making people utterly oblivious to their real problems, focusing their attention on other types of news or information that made the politicians look good.
As a result, making people feel like everything is ok. On the other hand, newly constructed condos and vacation resorts are being built in many parts of the Colombian Caribbean coast, and behind that, a massive displacement of local communities that had to sell their land because of many problems like poverty, violence, environmental issues, etc. Sometimes even resort to bribing people inside their own communities. Of course, the issues differ in many places, but the results are usually the same. Therefore, I started to write this short film that would show us Miguel as a young, ambitious journalist that tries to face all this corruption in search of his recognition but ends up condemning Rosa, the woman he’s trying to help.
A story about the self-proclaimed saviour who ruins everything because his ambition doesn’t allow him to care about the danger his actions cast on other people.