///// PLOT – Professional Script Lab is currently being redesigned to optimize its potential and enhance the creative contributions to the participating projects & filmmakers. For that reason, PLOT 2022 is not happening. We expect to be back in 2023. /////

PLOT is a professional script development lab, promoted in a creative community environment, where filmmakers from all over the world have the chance to broaden their narrative skills and enhance their creative voice.

High-end script experts provide guidance throughout the lab and challenge the participants with the goal of reaching their projects artistic and creative potential.

Success stories such as Alina Grigore’s Blue Moon (Golden Shell @ San Sebastian International Film Festival 2021, Best Film @ Cork International Film Festival 2021), Lovisa Siren’s Maya Nilo (Laura), André Marques’ The Drunk or Simão Cayatte’s Sandra are among the first features highlights of PLOT participant projects & filmmakers from the previous editions.

As of 2018 PLOT is being produced in a partnership with IndieLisboa.


PLOT – Professional Script Lab is an annual professional script development lab, promoted by Squatter Factory. More info about the yearly editions is announced on a regular basis.

As of 2018, PLOT is happening as part of IndieLisboa Film Festival industry activities.

For each selected project, 1 writer, director or producer will be invited for the lab and corresponding activities.

There is a participation fee for each selected project. This amount should be paid upon selection for PLOT – Professional Script Lab. *Scholarships, covering tuition costs, may be assigned in specific cases.

All selected projects should include PLOT and IndieLisboa logos in the credits of the produced films/projects that may result from PLOT – Professional Script Lab experience and expertise.

For any questions, please contact us.