************* UPDATE ****************************************************

Due to the very high number of shorts unrelated to the Festival Theme, we will not notify every participants personally: please assume your Short was not accepted unless otherwise stated by email.

If you feel your Short was very related to the Theme, and you don't receive an email from us in the next 2 weeks, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you


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P.I.G.S. is an acronym used in economics and finance. Firstly introduced in the 1990s, this often-derogatory term refers to the economies of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.

We believe that what is used against you as an insult, can become your strength.

The concept behind the Festival is
"embrace yourself, while looking forward".

The themes for the Short Films are:
Nostalgia: “What I left behind”
Immigration: "What now?"
Integration: “Looking forward”

We are looking for shorts about immigration/integration and in particular about young people coming from the following countries: Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.
Or Short Film with a Portuguese, Italian, Greek or Spanish director.

ABOUT P.I.G.S. Festival

Edinburgh has a large number of P.I.G.S. living and working in the city: we believe dialogue is key to integration, sharing is fundamental to understanding, celebrating is the most natural way to bring together different communities and art is a language spoken internationally.

Selected Shorts will be shown at the first edition of Edinburgh P.I.G.S. Festival

The same person/group can send up to three shorts.
The short film can be in a foreign language, but must have english subtitles.