Luca Laurenti (Italy) is a photographer and cameraman born in Pisa in 1967. From an early age, he developed a strong passion for photography and the visual arts in general. Over the years, he has broadened his passion, gaining experience and skill through practice and training.
In 2005, he began working as a professional photographer and cameraman, his knowledge of him has allowed him to create images, which according to his clients are surprising and engaging.
In 2021, he decided to broaden his experience and talent by recording his first short film, written and directed by himself. The first work received rave reviews from critics and audiences, demonstrating his skills as a visual storyteller, thanks to a particular attention to aesthetics and composition.
In 2022, he carried on his passion for cinema, making his second work, also written and directed by himself. Once again, he has confirmed that he is a versatile artist, capable of creating visual works of great emotional impact and great artistic value.
In addition to his career in photography and cinema, Laurenti is also passionate about art, music and literature, interests that influence and enrich his creative work. With his continuous search for beauty and originality, Laurenti confirms himself as an all-round artist, able to arouse emotions through his works.
Indie Narrative Short
Storia di un Femminicidio inverso
Sweet Democracy Film Awards
The Conscience
filmmaker di Lift-Off Global Network
Pinewood Studios, Inghilterra SL0 0NH
Birth Date
August 4, 1967
Birth City
Current City
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