Project Hope

Two best friends Rolley and Conner both have B.A.D. (Broken And Dysfunctional) family members and they have no clue on how to fix them. But faith introduces and interests them in helping and uniting their families. The best friends can only meet up with each other at school. Together they talk about their problems during lunch and before each class starts. They try to help each other out by giving not so good advices to each other. But one day the two best friends meet a group of teen friends in an Evangelizing Youth Group known as The Project Hope Youth Ministry Team. The (PHYM) Team. They join into this youth group hoping to find solutions to help solve all their problems. They both kind of struggle with their faith in the beginning as things seem to take a turn for the worse but Rolley and Connor stick together even though Rolley gives up but faith brings him back. Together Rolley and Connor both learn what is needed to be done to fix their families' situations. Faith brings them both together with their families and they all live happily ever after in peace, harmony, and unison with each other.

  • Maze Malone
  • Jon Nolan
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Television Script, Other
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • Student Project:
Writer - Maze Malone, Jon Nolan