Plot Summary
There's an old say that goes like “No One Knows What They Have Until They Lose It"
Mcharo (34) is an ordinary Boda-boda Driver finds himself in a very difficult situation with his beautiful stubborn Wife Wandema (28), with a lot of jealousy of love, she wants Mcharo to quit Boda-boda Job. While Mcharo fight from poverty at same time fight harder to rescue his marriage
Mcharo loves his wife so much, he trying the best to provide to his wife's needs despite the tough job he is doing, but instead all he gets from her is disrespect and abuses from his wife.
Mcharo splits with his wife and get another woman who is one of his daily customers (Eliza) hoping he will get some comfort and even the love he expects to get. Deeply he knows a little about Eliza, she is not a person he thought she was, she's even worse than Wandema.
At the stressful moment Wandema Moves on with a wealth handsome man (Jimmy) she met in club and moved in together. She thought she had found the one she was looking for.
Jimmy was the 24/7 a Drunken Man, Wandema was physically abused, insulted, beaten upon and spit on him. The times Wandema realize she was been treating Mcharo wrong, she decides to going back to Mcharo to beg and correcting her mistakes, she was too late, she finds Mcharo living with somebody else.
Wandema finds she is pregnant decided go back to home (native village). At lastly Mcharo he didn’t manage to handle Eliza’s behaviors he realize he didn’t fight enough for his love and allow Wandema to move on. After Eliza Stole his money and run away with another man. Mcharo searching for his wife and found out Wandema had gone back home and he decided to go look for her as he still loves her so much.
Lesson of the film
Life reminds us about a behavior or a decision making of a lizard during a rain day
“When it rains the monitor lizard runs from tiny drop of rain and plunges into a river to avoid getting wet.”
This reminds us sometimes you can run from single problem and drown into many problems. Anyone can run away, it's super easy. But when you stop run the problems will still be there waiting for you. The Best thing is Facing problems and working through them, that's what makes you strong.

Message of the film
The story tells the love and Poverty, alcohol abuse and violence and we expect this film to be the entertainments and leaning field.
In this Film we learn about the violence, Sexual abuse women go through in our society where by on side of women there are already some NGO’s and Government support on eradicate women abusing, with all effort invested by the Government and NGO’s still in some areas especially in rural and slums women abusing taken as normal.
With remembrance always the coin has two sides, the film had open an Eye on Men Violence were` by even Men been abused by women though not many of them can admit it publicity on what abuse they have been facing. Since society especially in Africa don’t take men abused as normality, recently it happened that lots of Men facing lots of socio-abuse which affects them psychologically as resulting many of them facing depression which forcing them on taking hard decisions such as suicide or homicide, murder-suicide etc

  • Goodhope E Zagamba
  • Said Yusuph
  • Goodhope Elieskia Zagamba
  • Hidaya Boli
    Key Cast
    Key Cast
    Key Cast
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Feature, Television, Web / New Media, Other
  • Genres:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 41 minutes
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Goodhope E Zagamba, Said Yusuph

African Writer , Producer and Director From Tanzania

Mobile: + 255 714440144 P.O. Box 45710 DSM
Email: Twitter: Zagamba Junior

Fluent spoken and written English and Kiswahili.

2017 -: Attended European youth film workshop and competition. European Union to the United Republic of Tanzania and the East African Community, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the French Embassy, the Alliance Française as well as the British Council.

2017 Bongo Style competition, I become the winner for best script writer under 28 years (FASDO)
2016-: Attended Zanzibar International Film festival And Participating in Maisha Lab scriptwriting workshop

2016 Attended MFDI Film Writing workshop conducted by Swahili wood under John Ribber
2015-: Attended Zanzibar International Film festival And Participating in Maisha Lab scriptwriting workshop conducted by prof Penina Mhando, Ekwa Msangi from Tanzania and Cajeton boy-Kenya, organized by Maisha Film Lab in Zanzibar, Tanzania
2014 Pursued Bachelor of Art in Environmental in Disaster Management (BAEDM) at the University of Dodoma 2011 to 2014. Also I have been taking optional courses on Acting, Directing, and screen writing for screen, radio drama and documentaries.
2014Attended GabaArt workshop based on international screenplay writing
 Attended Parapanda Theatre Lab Trust, trained Advanced Play writing, Theatre Directing and screen play writing for stage
 Attended Zanzibar International Film festival
 Participated in Maisha Lab scriptwriting workshop conducted by prof Martin Mhando, James Gayo from Tanzania and Cajeton boy-Kenya, organized by Maisha Film Lab in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Work experience and Professional Experience:
2017 I participated as co-producer for Matonge4 feature film which funded by Azam Tv
2o17, I participated on writing Mwantumu Dstv Comedy show, beside i have being a production manager, location manager and the casting manager
2017 wrote, directed and produced a TAMALA short film
 which Won Inshort Film Festival 2018 best Makeup in Lagos Nigeria 2018
 12 Month film festival in Romania( Europe) people choice awards 2018

 Nominated in Cameroon international film festival

 It has been selected to be Screened at Cascade Festival of 28th
Films in U.S.A (North Killingsworth Street, Portland, Oregon) as part of Emerging African Filmmakers
 Nominated at My Love Michelle short Film Festival on December 11 at Citybase Cinema Theater in Texas
 It have been norminated at Cefalù film festival 2017
 Tamala has been selected for Easter African Competition of the 4th edition Mashariki African film festival.
 Tamala was selected for San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival (STIFF) Semi-finalist 2018.

2017 Wrote Issa Majanga series comedy produced by Wanene entertainments Ltd
2017 wrote and produce Hatia shortfilm developed from Maisha film lab
2017 wrote Ndoto ya Ndoa yangu series Family drama produced by Proin Promotion
entertainments ltd
2016- Produced SUPA MAMA international short film funded by Maisha Film lab under Mira Nair which nominated
 African International Film Festival in Lagos, Nigeria (2017)
 Inshort Film Festiva in Lagos,Nigeria (2017)
 Lake International Pan african Film Festival in Mombasa,Nairobi
 Udada film Festival in Nairobi (2017)
 Black Filmmakers Film Festival in South Africa (2017)
 Cameroon International Film Festival in Buea,Cameroon (2018)
 Hayti Heritage Film Festival 2018 (Durham, England)
 MystiCon Independent Film Festival 2017 (North Carolina)
Being 2nd production supervisor for a SHEHOZA Short film funded by Maisha film lab
2016 participated in production of KIUMENI film as production manager produced by Ernest Napoleon and Daniel Manege which won Best Director at Zanzibar international film festival 2016
2016- Selected as executive Secretary of CHAWAFITA party (Chama Cha Watayarishaji Filamu Tanzania )
2016 produced and write a short film based on environmental protection and climate change “THINK GREEN” which norminated at
•World film4climate video competition and it reach number 4 on voting system among 876 for
•Green-Go International Short Film Contest number 2 in
•Aritel jicho la kitaa film competition it won number 2 in voting competition
2016 Produced and Directed Mikono Salama Short film which was nominated at
•Zanzibar international film festival (ZIFF) 2016, Galway African Film Festival and Rwanda Film Festival
• Rwanda Film Festival (FESTCAB)2016
• 2016 Uganda film festival
• 11th 100 International Film Festival in IRAN 2017
• CONVENTION international film festival in Miami 2017
• Galway African Film Festival and becoming the winner of this festival
 2016 Wrote and Supervised Tatizo Pesa, a Comedy Future film produced by Proin Promotion

 2016 Wrote Side wa Kitonga series Comedy which aired on channel E
 2016 Selected as a board member in the preparation of the Tanzanite Film awards
 2016 Participated in the preparation of the NYUKA Tanzania Film awards as a board member
 2016 Selected as an ambassador of the African Youth Choice Awards Entertainment which will take place in Nigeria
2015 Participated in the creation of CHAWAFITA party (Chama Cha Watayarishaji Filamu Tanzania ) as the Executive Secretary of the party
2014 Wrote, produced and directed a Short film (Candle Light) based on HIV/AIDS

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