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Mama Mariance full name is Mariance Kabu, but you can call her Meri. She is a survivor of human trafficking at Malaysia. She is now 37 years old. She live at Naikolan near SMP N 3 Kupang. She lived with her husband named Karfinus Tefa (53) and 4 children named Gianto Tefa/Ian (18), Yarni Defriana Tefa/Nani (14), Friski Jero Fernando Tefa/Jero (12), and Jilianti Asria Tefa/Jilli (9). Her lastest education was in elementery school. Her job is a housewife.
Before she went to Malaysia, her economic condition was unstable. Her husband worked as a labour that couldn't stabilize their life. But her husband's fee from that job could help they to bought rice. Sometimes they just eat cooked rice with nothing. She and her husband was married at 2007, they already had Ian and Nani. Mama didn't ask her husband permission to go to Malaysia at 2014. The story begin when Mama went to her hometown at Amanuban. She went there with Jili (her youngest child) to visited her family. After a several days at Amanuban, two person just came to her sister-in-law's house and she was there. They offered mama a job and said that they just came there because they got vision from God. They convinced mama that one of them ever went to Malaysia. They said that if you worked there, your life will be better. One of them said that her boss was so kind and give her permission when she want to went back because her child is sick. After hearing that mama believe her because they said that they knew about that house caused of vision from God. Then they took Mama and her sister-in-law to their village. They slept there until the next day. Next day, they took mama and her sister-in-law to Kupang, but at the middle of the road the boss of their company took mama and her sister-in-law with him. Then they made mama live at their company's house. They lived there for several days and then they took her and her sister-in-law to different place and made them lived in there for 2 days before mama sent to Malaysia. They didn't let mama to call her family or contacted anybody, that's why her husband did't know anything. They managed mama's documents as passport. Mama just went to the goverment office, took a picture of her, write her full name, and sign the document. And voila, the document was ready to used. She went to Malaysia by airplane at April 11, 2014. She arrived at Malaysia at 12 p.m. Again, they toom mama to a company's house and forced her to live there with other workers.

A week after mama's arrival at Malaysia, her boss came to the company and choose her to be her house assistant. She made her schedule for work. At the beginning, everything was fine (for one month only). Rest of eight months mama's life was like in hell. Her boss will find any excuses to tortured her. Her boss punch her on the face, took off her teeth (4 teeth), broke her nose, filled her ears with cotton bud 'till her ears start bleeding, even kick her when she didn't hear alarm when it's ringing, also her tits 'play' with pliers . Her boss often forced her to wear clothes and pants only without using bra and underwear. One thing that she remembered the most is the mother of her boss. She was very old at that time maybe 97 years old. Mama treated her like a baby, teach her to walk, fed her, change the diapers, etc. She just missed her. She could escape after 8 months she worked there. At December 20, she write in a paper that she's bleeding everyday and her boss tortured her so she is searching for help. Luckly, in the back of the apartment they have a neighbor who can talked in Malay. She wait 'til the right moment, she knew that her boss watching her 24/7 by her phone but that day it was a miracle that her boss didn't know that she is searching for help. After cleaning the house, she went to the back of her boss apartment and called the neighbor and threw the paper to her neighbor. She took a broom with her so when her boss arrived at home she didn't notice her action. After one hour, police came to the apartment and at the same moment her boss just arrived home. It was like a miracle to her. After many hours for interrogation, the police took her boss and her to the police station. When she arrived at the police station, she just tell all of her story. Then, the police took her to the hospital to take care of her. Before she went to Malaysia her weight is 60 kg, after live in Malaysia for 8 months her weight just 20 kg. She rest at the hospital for 9 days. After that, she live in a place of Indonesian's Duta Besar for Malaysia. 6 months for the court, and after that she went back to Kupang. When her case brought to the court, her husband came to Malaysia because of Indonesian's goverment. After several times, she could back to her hometown Kupang. Her husband and her children glad she was still alive and can back gather with the family. But Ian (the oldest child) said that at that time he was angry because his mom didn't tell them that she'll go to Malaysia. He said that after his mom left, his father didn't have a job so he had to take care of his 3 siblings. Sometimes argue or fight at that time. But overall they feels happy because their mom can gather with them again.

Most of you must be curious about her brave action to speak up about her terrible past. For her, that was miracle when she can escape form her ex boss house. She said that even it's hurt, we have to speak up because it's kinda releasing her stress and pain. If she didn't speak up then nobody will know about their story. Mama wish that people who suffer or struggling with the same experiences to not afraid. Just speak up. And of course believe to God.

  • Mansoor Ayubi
  • Yedida Letedara
    Assistant director
  • Eka Loudoe
    Script Writer
  • Ricky Nengga
    Music Scoring
  • Mustafa Razaee
    Director Of Photography
  • Sayed Nouroz
  • Ali Muhamadi
  • Indra Achmad
    Executive producer
  • Irwan Sebleku
    Executive producer
  • Mariance Kabu
    Key Cast
    "Mama Meri"
  • Karfinus Tefa
    Key Cast
  • Gianto Tefa
    Key Cast
  • Yarnia Defriana Tefa
    Key Cast
  • Friski Jero Fernando Tefa
    Key Cast
  • Jilianti Asria Tefa
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    15 minutes 2 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 24, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Mansoor Ayubi

My name is Mansoor Ayubi I was born in Afghanistan, since 2014 I am living in Indonesia as a refugee. Making film have been always a passion for and the movie PENYINTAS is the first film I have ever directed.

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Director Statement

Picturing a bitter story what a human do to each other.