All teenage and family friendly films, TV shows, music videos, all safe for all age viewing. As this film festival is co-sponsored by the Town of Apex and we offer free screenings to all ages, we ask that you silence any foul language and know your audience. This year PCIFF introduces a "dark block" which will be films that are for mature audiences, such as horror, and only available to those 18 and older with a lawful ID that has a photo and birth date. These films will screen late night the 18th and 19th of September at a venue other than the Halle Cultural Arts Center.

The 6th annual Peak City International Film Festival known as PCIFF-Take 6 is an international film, TV, and Web festival specifically for producers of teenage and family friendly content. The festival is located in the historic downtown dining, shopping and arts, district of Apex, North Carolina, considered one of the best places to live in the USA. This festival attracts entries and attendees from all over the world. Their productions are judged on their entertainment value, artistic merit, and excellence of technique in the various trades and crafts necessary to create your production.

The PCIFF Take 6 seeks to motivate the creative talent and business skills of producers, and directors, providing a festival to convey the passion of storytelling through motion picture arts and sciences. This festival allows stories for family members of all ages in TV, short, or long format or music video productions to inspire us and to provide networking opportunities for those in development, pre-production, post-production and distribution.

Plus provide the best black tie and gown festival in the state of North Carolina.


1 Best Actor/Actress (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
2 Best Supporting Actor/Actress (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
3 Best Actor/Actress Voice-Over in Animation (Foreign & USA)
4 Best Child Actor/Actress (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
5 Best Animated Film (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
5 Best Cinematography (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
6 Best Costume Design (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
7 Best Director (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
8 Best Film Editing (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
9 Best Foreign Language Film (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
10 Best Makeup (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
11 Best Film (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
12 Best TV Pilot (Foreign & USA)
13 Best Student Film (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
14 Best Production Design (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
15 Best Score (or Best Original Score) (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
16 Best Song (or Best Original Song) (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
17 Best Sound (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
18 Best Special Effects (or Best Visual Effects) (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
19 Best Music Video (Foreign & USA)
20 Best TV Commercial (Foreign & USA)
21 Best Documentary (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
22 Best Silent Film (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature)
23 Best Feature, Short film and Music Video in Festival from People's Choice (Foreign
or USA) (Short or Feature)
24 Best North Carolina Film (North Carolina contestants only (Short & Feature)
25 Best Apex Film (Apex Contestants only ) (Short & Feature)
26 Best Sizzle/Trailer Reel (Foreign & USA)
27 Best Costume/Wardrobe (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature, Doc, Music Video)
28 Best Makeup/Hair (Foreign & USA) (Short & Feature), Doc, Music Video)
29 Best Public Service Announcement (PSA)
30 Best Experimental Production

Entry & Screening materials will not be returned unless paid shipping is provided. entries should use FilmFreeway for us to easily access your film. Entries may be submitted in the following formats: DVD- NTSC Format All Region play, or digital transfer through or DropBox type online company.

Entry fees must be in U.S. Dollars and received in form of U.S. Bank Check or Money Order. Online payments are also accepted through or by mail to Peak City Film Festival, Post Office Box 2186, Apex, NC 27502.

Overseas winners, outside the continental United States, will get a certificate of winning. You may get the award trophy by paying for the shipping to your country of residence. The festival can not ship awards overseas at festival expense.

Films must be in English or have English Subtitles.

Feature Films must be no longer than 120 minutes in length, including titles and credits. A waiver can be obtained by requesting one.

Shorts Films must be no longer than 45 minutes in length, including titles and credits.

Music Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes long.



Overall Rating
  • Jamon Holmes

    Thanks to the staff for rewarding my work. This is one of my favorite film festivals and I will submit again in the future.

    July 2021
  • I was excited to learn that I had won the Gold Gaddy award for best score (foreign short), however I was dissapointed to see that my name was missing from the livestream award ceremony. Given 2020’s circumstances, the livestream represented the highlight of the festival and my main networking opportunity. Furthermore, after asking whether the throphy could be sent to me, granted I’d cover the shipping costs, I was met with a delayed response and several unanswered questions. Seven weeks later, I am still waiting for a reply to my first email. It saddens me to leave this review, especially because I understand the difficulties the pandemic must have caused, but the poor communication on behalf of this festival has been more than inadequate.

    January 2021
    Response from festival:

    Kalle, The lack of a response was not personal. My son got Covid19, and with the death of one of our lead judges during festival judging was crushing to many of us. Then this week our family pet was diagnosed with cancer and we had to put her to sleep. To try now to address your justified concerns.

    We have always been an in person festival, from judging events, to volunteers working together to pull festival together. All that went away with Covid19. We have had shortcomings in making our festival fully online its first year. Since 2009 we have strived to be in person and create a theatre experience. None the less You are correct a mistake was made. When the video clip announcing "Young and Alone" had won best foreign short film score, you saw we had put the directors name Catherine Prouse instead of your name as the composer and sound designer. We have one other spelling error with a winner, and we are working to open up the edit of the show and correct and provide it to her. We cant rerecord, Tim Bell saying Catherine's name, but we can add yours to the graphic and provide it so you do have it. As far as the awards, the company we have used in the past has had financial problems because of the pandemic. We are hoping they can still at some point fulfil the order as they work through their financial challenges. Thanks for the review as without it we would not have seen your email read of your concerns and try to address them. Your email went to the spam folder. I am told a response there is also coming. Please let us know by email to the festival email address if doing the reedit is a way to help with a solution. If we are able to get awards trophy's we will ask you and the other overseas winners if they would like one shipped recipients expense. Again the festivals apology.

  • Mehmet Tığlı

    It’s a great honor to be a part of this amazing festival !

    December 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much. We are still working on certificates. And official postings. We are in lockdown mode again with Covid19

  • Debbie Vu

    Even though I won the silver Gaddy award, I’m unhappy about my name being misspelled during the award ceremony. It was spelled correctly in the trailer I edited and y’all still got it wrong. There was no reason why an “e” was added to my name.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Hello Debbie,

    You are correct, there were a couple of spelling errors that came about during the logging of the data. I have gone back this morning, and it appears yours like the other individual, was caught in an auto spell check program running. Because of the volunteer nature, and the fact that this years Festival could not take place in person we lost all of our sponsor cash. Thus we were left with some things not getting done the way we would like. ON the data sheet the name is spelled correctly, but, none the less you are correct to point this out to us, as it looks like next year we will still be online based on what the outlook is like with Covid19. We will have to make sure we spell check after we produce the videos. This was the first year we streamed an event like this, we have always been an in person live event. And the day of the event we do a cue to cue on the Gaddy awards show, and we have caught things like that in years past. Alas, this year we were not able to do that part. ON behalf of the festival accept our apology for not getting it right. Could I offer to reedit that clip and provide it to you correctly? Also, have not produced the awards certificates yet, and thus we will get it correct their as I actually do the spell check on certificates. Please let me know how our festival can correct this the best possible under the circumstances. Best JD Demers

  • We are very grateful for the two 2020 awards for Cat Scratch Fever (The Cat Video). But especial thanks to JD n Tim n staff for overcoming a pandemic (and personal family Covid scare) to stage an exceptional film festival. This was a textbook case other festivals should study! Kudos all around 👏👍💪. Andrew n Michael Volpe, DJ Throdown n Houdini, Crooked Foxes Productions.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much. We know how hard Indy filmmakers work to producer their films. We wanted to show that we would put effort in as well to give back something more then a press release. Again, thank you for those kind comments.