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Papa is never tired is a documentary film whose story revolves around a little boy who suffers from hearing and speaking loss since birth,

The little boy lives alone with his father after his mother left and refused taking care of him due to his condition.

Zain and his dad walked to Germany to seek medical attention
In this documentary Zain’s father takes us through their journey until they arrived to Europe and Zain got treated and started hearing and talking.

  • Badi Khlif
  • Badi Khlif
  • Badi Khlif
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Short
  • Runtime:
    5 minutes
  • Country of Origin:
    Syrian Arab Republic
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Badi Khlif

Welcome and a warm greeting. My name is Badi Khlif, author, reporter and contemporary witness, who has been in Europe for a number of years with a Syrian origin. What happens to a young person when they grow up in uncertain and dangerous times and struggle through? He has to report, to convey and, above all, to gain life experience. But it only helps him if he can share it again and get new ones. Let's keep developing things together. My experience at Reuters Times and in many of today's uncertain areas could be exciting for all sides and, above all, instructive for a better future. My film and media projects with various international actors should form a basis here.
Your Badi

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Director Statement

My name is Badi Khalif
A photographer and a documentary filmmaker and director at a time where media and cinema are becoming important tools for highlighting society problems that happen everyday.

From a harsh personal experience I went through during the past ten years
Which led to my arrest three times by the Syrian regime and ISIS due to my use of the camera as a defence mechanism to let the world know
all about the people in Syria, documenting violations and reporting what is happening on there.
My methods and purposes of using the camera have evolved
and changed from filming demonstrations to working in the field of visual media for reuters and other international agencies
The camera was the strong weapon in which I could face the world and deliver of the truth under a media blackout
people were and still in need of my films to let the world see what is happening on the ground
from a neutral point of view, you report what is happening
With all transparency
many people around the world
do not know what is going on in other places and that is why I chose this career
to deliver sound and picture
through several methods
including photography
and visual reports
and documentaries
Trying to fix and change ideas
which were believed to be correct
Movies are the only medium
By which opinions can be exchanged
And communicate the idea with ease
The world needs my movies because I am
I was in dangerous places
Hard to reach
I have witnessed how innocent people are being treated with brutality and violence
Because in a period of time I worked in the field of human rights
My goal and my duty is to deliver the truth
To stop death and pain and support the homeless
And the poor
My films are not less important than food and medicine
Because we are in an age that needs to stop the suffering
And work hard and actively in order to keep pace with the rapid developments that have become
A hindrance between generations in a time when it has become
The media is the only thing that can connect cultures and civilizations
In order for me to express my thoughts a in such a way that can effect the viewers minds and ideas