The OzSnax awards ceremony will be held in Melbourne by the not-for-profit Australian Film Future Foundation Ltd in partnership with OzFlix. The event includes short content screenings, panels and workshops.

Building from the 2018 Ozflix Independent Film awards, OzSnax is now a dedicated event for short form projects. As of 2019, the Ozflix Independent Film Awards are dedicated to narrative and documentary features.

Best Screenplay (short film)
Best Screenplay (web series)*
Best Director (short film)
Best Director (web series)*
Best Lead Performer
Best Supporting Performer
Best Cinematography
Best Sound
Best Editing
Best Production Design
Best Special Visual FX
Best Soundtrack
Best Short Film Narrative
Best Short Film Documentary
Best Web Series
Best Music Video**
Best Animation
Best Student Film ***

*web series are eligible for all other craft awards alongside short films

** music videos are eligible for: best lead performer, best supporting performer, best cinematography, best editing, best production design, best VFX, best music video and best animation

***student film submissions will only be eligible for Best Student Film award

For your film/series/video to be eligible for an OzSnax award, it must either be directed or produced by an Australian, filmed in Australia, or have Australian lead actors. It must be under 30 minutes in length and have been completed or released in 2018 or 2019.

Web series must submit at least two episodes (total runtime under 40 mins).

Students may submit their films to the open category or the student film category, but if submitted to the student film category they will only be eligible for Best Student Film.

These rules have been agreed upon by the OzSnax Awards steering committee (Greg Kelly, Megan Pascoe, Sarah Halfpenny, Alexander Hipwell, Claudia Pickering, Alison Alcock, Sally McLean).

Overall Rating
  • Anna Hildebrandt

    Thrilled to be awarded 'Best Music Video' at OzSnax this year, for our video 'I Shall Wear Midnight'. The quality of all the films and projects included in the festival was fantastic. Thank you to OzSnax for recognizing and supporting short-form Australian content!

    November 2019
  • Ron and the team from OzFlix did a wonderful job at hosting this festival. Myself and the entire film team were honoured to take out Best Student Film and we met lots of people, as well as saw great shorts and heard from interesting speakers. With time, this will become one of the best short film festivals in Melbourne. Congratulations on a wonderful first year!

    October 2019