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Outside the Circle

Emma Reilly’s biggest fear is recess. She’s shy and has a hard time making friends. An opportunity comes along that forces her to do whatever it takes to make friends. Will she find the courage?

  • Arlene Lagos
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    Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Arlene Lagos

Lagos, A Boston native and writer for more than 25 years, has written a dozen novels, three feature films, over 20 short films, and three tv pilots. Her production company, DAME Media has recently re-launched in Florida as a female-driven production company. Currently, she is shopping her pilot comedy, “Teachers Lounge”, as well as filming a 30 episode series of shorts called, “The Spill” which highlights work written and directed by women. Another project starting in 2021 is the feature film “Outside the Circle” the adaptation of her children’s novel, and the feature film, “Butterflies Wake”, also adapted from her novel of the same name. She currently resides in Florida where she continues to write.

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Writer Statement

Outside The Circle is a middle-grade fiction children’s story. I wrote the book with my eight-year-old daughter and it was so well received that I adapted it into a screenplay.
The emphasis is on common fears that children have at school, and this one centers on recess, one of the few times in the day where any child can feel completely outnumbered.
Emma is incredibly shy. She is so shy, that she often struggles to make friends, as she is too scared to even try! When her best friend moves away, she finds herself starting fourth grade not really knowing anyone. As she struggles to approach people, she often finds comfort in her solitude by her favorite tree. But being alone can’t last forever.
Suddenly, a big opportunity comes her way, but she needs a team to help her. Emma will have to make friends in order to take on the task. Will Emma find the courage she needs to overcome her fears? Will she make friends and create the team she needs to tackle the opportunity? What other wonderful life lessons will she learn along the way not only about herself, but about the people around her?