What began as a screenwriting competition has expanded into a dynamic three-day, mentor-led workshop in Los Angeles for selected screenwriters. The authors of five scripts will be invited to participate in an intensive laboratory during which they will work closely with Lab Mentors - established writers who will critique and encourage their work. Note that this year Outfest will be accepting pilot scripts for web series and TV as well as feature-length screenplays.

To be held in June of 2018, with a follow up staged reading event during the Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival in July 2018, the lab includes sessions with industry professionals, structured career development opportunities and participation in ongoing festival events. Lab Fellows are selected by Outfest staff, with recommendations from a panel of writers, directors, producers and development executives.

All participants will receive accreditation for the 2018 festival. Travel to Los Angeles for the lab is not guaranteed, but will be provided if available.

For Round 1, do NOT submit a complete script. The following needs to be submitted as a single, combined PDF file:

- The first ten pages of your script, not counting the title page.
- A synopsis of the script (750 words maximum), i.e. a summary of the entire story, including the ending; not a pitch or a teaser.
- A statement (750 words maximum) of your career history and objectives, as well as what you hope to gain from participating in the Lab.

All scripts should have an LGBTQ protagonist.

The Outfest Screenwriting Lab does not accept screenplays based on a pre-existing work, unless the writer has the rights to that work.

You may only submit the same screenplay for two consecutive years. Screenplays submitted for a third time will not be considered.