( We Will be taking a hiatus for 2021, and hope to return next year for 2022(=)

OUR VOICES Short Film Festival is the brainchild of Aiden Cumming-Teicher a young actor and film-maker who feels that youth aren’t always heard, even though they have a lot to say. The hope is that the creation of this film festival allows other youth to find their voices too, to express their points of view and tell their stories.

The festival had live screening of the finalists in their categories at the Cinematheque in Vancouver British Columbia on November 10th, 2018 ( and in 2017 at Hollywood 3 Theater), but for 2020 due to the worldwide situation it was held strictly online. The 2021 Edition will also be held strictly online, but we hope to return to live screenings in 2022.

This film festival is open to all youth who ages 5 - 20; at least one of the categories have to be filled by people in that age range. ( actors, director, writer, cinematographer). Drama, Comedy, Documentaries, PSAs , webseries- all are welcome.

Our festival has nominal entry fees; we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to enter and participate. We also accept experimental/smart phone films to be submitted!

All official selections will get official laurels via email.

We will be awarding the following categories :

• Best Dramatic Short
• Best Comedic Short
• Best Animated Short
• Best Music Video
• Best LGBTQ+ short
• Best Microshort or PSA
• Best Actor
• Best Actress
• Best Director
• Best Experimental /Web Content /Wildcard award

All winners will all be awarded certificates via email. Other awards/categories may be awarded at our discretion.

By submitting, you are assuring us that you have the rights to the material in your film, and have obtained any necessary permissions and talent releases. We do not take any ownership of your material at all, and make no warranties that we will be able to include your film.

By entering, you also grant us permission to share short clips of your film online as part of a compilation, if your film is selected. The entire film will NOT be shown online, only a teaser clip with your permission.

This film festival is open to all youth who ages 5 - 20; at least one of the categories have to be filled by people in that age range. ( actors, director, writer, cinematographer).

We strive to be a green festival, so only accept digital entries ( no mailed DVDs)
Make sure your screener is available online, as well as accurate contact info and support material on your FilmFreeway project pages.

For the length requirements:
• Short films and Documentaries - Maximum of 10 mins
• Minute Films, PSAs - Maximum of 1 min

If your film is not in English, we ask that you please subtitle it in English so we can better appreciate it.


Do you accept non-Canadian shorts?
Yes. We accept shorts from all over the world! However there is also a special category for Canadian and BC specific shorts

Will you post my short on-line for the public to see?
No. However, if you are one of the finalists and would like us to post your publicly available film on our FB page we are happy to.

My short has already screened at another festival or available online. Can I still enter?
Yes. We have no premiere eligibility requirements.

What short length eligibility requirements do you have?
10 mins MAX for short films and Documentaries, 1 min MAX for PSA and Micro-shorts.

Do you accept Works in progress?
No- it has to be a fully completed work.

Will my short be screened live in the theater?
No- This year we will not be having a live screening.

When is your notification date and what is the notification process?
The notification date is by September 1st, and will be sent electronically via FilmFreeway.

Overall Rating
  • My daughter was delighted to be part of your festival!
    Good luck with your further development !!!

    September 2020
  • Paola Manno

    Great festival, really great communication!

    September 2020
  • Justin Blais

    This is a fantastic festival, and I was pleased to participate and to have my film selected as a finalist! Communication was great. I am looking forward to participating next year!

    September 2020
  • An amazing festival, it’s incredible how much they are opened for young international talents. Hope to be a part of it again next year!

    September 2020
  • Milinda Kulkarni

    I do my level best.....in next compitition .....thanks for giving me a opportunity to prove my self in front of film lovers....thanks again......jai hind...jai dada saheb falke.....

    September 2020