Our Home in Luzhu Nan

<Our Home in Luzhu Nan> tells the story of Lin Kuang-Ching, an entrepreneur and founder of Cilin Ceramics, as he rebuilds his family’s ancestral home. This documentary captures the family’s determination to restore the old building and their dedication to carrying on their cultural traditions. The family spared no expense in ensuring the home would be strong against the rain and winds and resist deterioration by making the building’s beams out of ancient Taiwanese cypress trees that had been taken by the Japanese. Lin Kuang-Ching experienced countless struggles as he broke past technical limitations to create the world’s only large size brick carvings to be 106 cm by 48 cm. The carvings brought together his childhood memories and village life to preserve the family’s memories.

Through Lin’s dedication to his family, this documentary expresses the great importance of family traditions and the timeless social value of building one’s dreams out of love.

  • Liu Huei-Ling
  • Chen Chung-Fong
  • Liu Huei-Ling
  • Liu Huei-Ling
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 40 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    February 15, 2019
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  • Language:
    Chinese, English
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  • Miaoli
    February 15, 2019
  • Taipei
    March 29, 2019
Director Biography - Liu Huei-Ling, Chen Chung-Fong

●Liu Huei-Ling:Liu Huei-Ling is an associate professor at the Graduate Institute of Arts Administration and Management at Taipei National University of the Arts. She has twenty-one years of work experience in television and journalism and was formerly a reporter and producer at CTV (Chinese Television Company) as well as a researcher for CTS (Chinese Television System). Liu fosters a great passion for in-depth reports and documentaries. Her most representative works are concerning Taiwanese social and cultural issues. She has been awarded the Gold Bell Award for her television work and is a four-time recipient of the Tseng Hsu-pau Journalism Award. She is currently an educator with a deep interest in community empowerment and local culture. She has filmed documentaries sharing the story of restoring San-Hsia Old Street and Chi-Chi Train Station.

●Chen Chung-Fong:Chen Chung-Fong is a documentary director and was born on the Mazu Islands of Taiwan. He has worked in the TV news industry for over twenty years. In 1995, he began working at CTV (Chinese Television Company) and served as a frontlines correspondent during the Iraq War in 2003. He spent ten years working on the frontlines of news media, using the camera to document history. In 2004, he joined the production team for Our Island at Chinese Public Television. At the same time, he gradually gained experience and discovered his ability to make documentaries.

During his time working on Our Island, Chen’s feature reports earned Taiwan’s highest honor for news media—the Excellent Journalism Award—several times. Meanwhile Chen shot several documentaries including such subjects as architecture, culture and the feelings people have for their land as well as environmental issues. In 2018, he left his work in news media and fully committed himself to serving as a director of the documentary Our Home in Luzhu Nan.

He will always remember his childhood on the Mazu Islands with their blue skies, wide oceans and vast expanses. He hopes to keep young at heart forever and focuses on his creative work with fresh eyes. “I want to tell the world, I tell stories with images that are ordinary while at the same time extraordinary.”

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Director Statement

●Liu Huei-Ling’s Speech
I chose the concepts of home, family and village to thread throughout the entire documentary. The main figure of our story loves his home so much, not just the house itself but also the family members who once lived here. He can list backwards the name, birthdate, accomplishments and personality of all his ancestors from his father to the first generation that arrived in Taiwan. I had never met someone who could so readily shed tears for his family. Tears would flow whenever he spoke of his father. His father had a significant influence on him with his belief that those who can should give their all for the family. This belief caused him to be willing to give everything he had to repair the family’s ancestral home and develop brick carvings to preserve the family’s memory. That is the heart of loving one’s family. And this man’s love for his family extends to all of those in Luzhu Nan village. The title of the documentary, Our Home at Luzhu Nan, has two layers of meaning. The first is about a physical home at Number 203 Luzhu Nan. The other is about how he loves Luzhu Nan as his own family and has spared no effort to support the village in coming to life over the years. It is my hope that after seeing this documentary, everyone can reconsider what “home” means to us.